Konos suspect shot by police

Charles Bruno Sepmorong, who is in his 30s, from Bungbeve Village, Namatanai District, is wanted by Konos police for break-and-enter and stealing, cultivation of marijuana, possession of dangerous marijuana, damages caused to the Konos holding cell and escaping lawful custody.

Police say he is also a threat to his immediate family after he allegedly threatened to kill his brother and parents.

Konos police reported that a call was received at 10.15pm on Monday that the suspect was at Laur Primary School in Namatanai.

Safety affirmed for Koki

This has been boosted by the launch of the new police station at Koki. Badili Station Commander, Obert Jerry has assured great support to the protection of Koki residency.

“Since I was sent to Badili Police Station I felt like it was a big responsibility. From Koki, 2 Mile, Kaugere, Sabama and others in Moresby South it was a big area,” said Commander Jerry.

Tkatchenko fed up of Koki Crime

He said the new police station that will cater for Police officers every day will acquire more opportunists to be captured in that area and allow a more free and safe environment for citizens.

Tkatchenko said for many years opportunities were given to the people to become productive and positive change in the society. He said the change in Boroko Precinct should be done in Koki as well.

Migration blamed for rise in NIP crime

New Ireland Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Albert Beli, who took over from former PPC, Felix Nebanat, 18 weeks ago, outlined this as one of the main causes of social disorder in an otherwise peaceful province.

 “As a result, we are now anticipating and experiencing crime rate increase in the province,” he said. “Most of them are created by people in the informal sector; people that are unemployed, people that are lazing around doing nothing.

MP calls for partnership in addressing law and order

He made this statement after attending to a peace reconciliation ceremony in the district recently.

“Goilala is the only district that has absence of law enforcement agencies in the district that includes, police, correctional service and magisterial service.

“In recent times we only do bandage solution and this must change in the nature of addressing law and order issues.

“Goilala is a remote district that we all know and it is about time we all stake holders take responsibility in addressing the issue,’’ Aia said.

Police presence prevent crime

While commenting on what the sector patrol units are doing around the city, he commended his men for stepping up in the fight against crime in the city. 

"We will continue to do that by showing our presence throughout the city through motorist and foot patrols," Metsupt Sika said. 

Sika was pleased with the officers who responded to a situation at Erima yesterday evening which prevented a crime from happening. 

Unemployment causing law and order issues

Town mayor, Peter Yalsy said youths when employed would keep them busy and out of trouble.

He was responding to the increasing law and order issues in the province. 

Yalsy said in other centres where there are factories, farms, poultries, and big companies operating there is less trouble because the people are busy working to earn their living. 

He said in Madang, there are many companies but they are not recruiting many young people to work that is why youths are roaming the streets and involving themselves in unlawful activities.

Policeman wounded in shootout

The incident happened at Asas One Lane Bridge along the Bruce Jepchot Highway in Ramu, Madang Province. 

Assistant Commissioner of Police Northern Command, Peter Guinness confirmed that one of the armed criminals was killed during the shootout while the others sustained injuries. 

ACP Guinness said that the police officers from Northern Mobile Group headquarters and the MS 13 officers were travelling in a convoy to Madang when the incident happened. 

Four In Questioning Over Murder

Madang police have yet to establish who committed the crime as the deceased was allegedly in the company of four others when he met his fate. The four 2will be taken in for questioning.

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said police officers who attended to the crime scene, also identified the man as Brian Angelus from Sarkum Village, Wosera-Gawi District.

Robberies On The Rise In Madang

Police stated that more than five robberies are being reported every week and this is not good.

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said there are specific crime hot spots in sections of the roads, from the junction towards the airport and Sagalau Primary School along the North Coast Road. He also added that the section of the road towards the South Coast from Balasigo to Naru, is becoming a hotspot area. Passengers traveling on PMV buses are being robbed.