Family seeks justice

It was around 10.30am on Saturday, January 6th, 2024, when the Gerehu Hospital in Port Moresby announced the death of 30-year-old James Talin Neap, who is alleged to have been murdered by his wife during an argument at the Rainbow suburb in Port Moresby.

It is alleged that his wife used a knife to stab him in the neck, resulting in his death.

Despite his sudden death, the immediate family have resorted to allowing the police to do their work for the rule of law to prevail.

Bhosip Kaiwi Receives Life Imprisonment for Gruesome Murder of Wife

The trial revealed a shocking tale of brutality and torture that unfolded over five days, highlighting a disturbing level of intention to cause grievous bodily harm and inflict pain and suffering.

The court emphasized the gravity of the crime, stating that Kaiwi held his wife captive in their home, where her children were present, in a gross abuse of trust. The judge described the acts as "torture" and condemned the complete disregard for the victim's life, branding it as a murder of the worst kind.

Student dies at hands of thugs

In an unfortunate turn of events last night a final year student of Matec fell victim to thugs yet again.

James Lotu, a second year Building & Construction (Carpentry) student was stabbed by four settlement youths last night in front of the school gate. James is from East New Britain Province and was bound for home, coming Sunday.

Madang comes to a standstill

Relatives and disgruntled citizens gathered to march up to N7 which resulted in numerous riots and clashes in town. This resulted in properties being damaged, stores looted, residential areas broken into and vehicles stoned.

Police investigations have commenced and suspects are voluntarily giving themselves up according to Provincial Police Commander Superintendent David Seine Jnr. As yet police are unable to release any information regarding the brutal killing of the CID officer.

Madang unrest stops Gr. 8 exam

Director for provincial education, John Ura said the unrest has disrupted grade 8s sitting for their final paper today. However, he is advising students to stay indoors and hopefully, if things die down by this evening, they may be able to complete their paper tomorrow.

Mr Ura had a morning brief with senior school inspectors and the provincial Grade 8 exam coordinators to advise them of his decision. Asked if the students will be able to complete their paper if the situation prolongs.

Mr Ura states he may need to seek advice from Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra.

Korak community want Kanda police to be disbanded

According to the victim’s family members and the community, this was not the first time that the so-called Kanda police have killed, abused and harassed an innocent person in the Bogia District of Madang Province.

The youths of Korak recounted the countless number of times that these officers would stop them in the middle of the road to harass, bully, assault or even hurl obscenities at them, and most of the time it was whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Alleged stabbing results in Koki fight

Relatives and other members of the community retaliated. In the event, the traveling public were targeted by petty thieves, including vehicles traveling the Ela Beach road near the fish market. Amateur videos on social media showed moving vehicles being vandalised and property stolen from inside.

Police have intervened and brought the chaos under control as they establish facts surrounding the alleged stabbing.

More to come.

Hill House staff shot dead

According to eyewitnesses, the deceased known only as Mr Ani of Asian origin, was returning from the bank when he met his fate.

Eyewitnesses said Mr Ani was driving into the building carpark when four men emerged from a grey Sedan that was following closely behind, and one of the suspects shot the unsuspecting Mr Ani, through the driver’s window at close range. He died instantly. The suspects fled the scene after they removed valuable items from Mr Ani’s car.

Murderer on the run

Late Dondo was with his colleagues from the NCD Dog Unit headed to the ATS settlement to arrest several suspects involved in smuggling cannabis, when he was struck with an arrow. 

Commissioner of NCD/Central Assistant Commissioner, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, stated that the three other suspects were brought in by Central police after community leaders at ATS gathered them at 7am this morning.

Police Monitor Porgera After Violent Incident

Security forces, consisting local police and PNG Defence Force personnel, rescued the woman with minor injuries and are treating the situation as an isolated case.

Enga Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Acting Superintendent George Kakas, has expressed his satisfaction with the emerging trend in Enga where tribes are increasingly turning to the law to deal with grievances rather than resorting to violence.

The police have been working to build trust and cooperation with local communities in order to promote peaceful conflict resolution.