New Ireland

‘Shark calling’: locals claim ancient custom threatened by seabed mining

To catch a shark in the waters off Papua New Guinea, first the men sing.

They sing the names of their ancestors and their respects to the shark. They shake a coconut rattle into the sea, luring the animals from the deep, and then catch them by hand.

The custom, called “shark calling”, is practised in the villages of Messi, Kono and Kontu on the west coast of New Ireland province in Papua New Guinea, a country of about 9 million people just north of Australia.

NIP Pioneers Carbon Trading

Spearheading the project is company NIHT Topaiyo in partnership with REDD+. New Ireland through the Konoagil LLG has put PNG on the world map by becoming the 15th Country out of 4,500 projects worldwide to start paying out carbon credits.

CEO of NI Holdings Essrom Toligur gave an update of the project during the opening of the Todave Council Chamber at Silur, Konoagil LLG on August 25.

Rugby 7s Tournament Gets Support

The supported was extended to 36 rugby teams from New Ireland Province who will converge in Kavieng to participate in the Douglas Guise Rugby 7s Cup in Kavieng from the 16th to 18th of September.

Nancy Inai, Skel Rice Brand Manager said: “An emphasis is placed on encouraging healthy living and active lifestyle within the community.

She also said: “Sport contributes to the positive development of individuals and the community at large. It also keeps our youths occupied and focused, as such we are pleased to support through this donation.”

District Rollout Project

Villagers received water tanks, color bond sheets, ovens, pig fence and solar lighting units for families.

Lelet is located in the hinterlands of Sentral Niu Ailan Local Level Government where the high altitude and the cold climate contributes immensely to the production of best fruits and vegetables in the Namatanai District but has not seen service delivery in a long while.

Member for Namatanai, Walter Schnaubelt assured locals that the Belhat Development Project was delivered to their doorsteps and more was expected.

New Staff House For Maiom

The New Ireland Provincial Government places education as top priority and focuses on Academic learning and infrastructure to improve the overall outlook and performance of a school.

It showed this by providing one hundred thousand kina through its infrastructure support grant to Maiom Primary School, for the housing project. The project completion faced administrative issues from its initial startup, and this caused delays in 2019. The school was still happy to see its completion this year.

New Ireland For Financial Inclusion

Bank of PNG Governor and Chairman of CEFI, Mr Loi Bakani and Governor for New Ireland Sir Julius Chan signed the MOU that will promote the integration of financial inclusion in the province’s administration planning and implementation processes.

CEFI will work closely with staff of the provincial administration to train and build their capacity and knowledge to roll out financial literacy and business development services training to the wider population, targeting women and youth.

Unverified Kavieng Airport claim: Treasurer

Ling-Stuckey said during formal meetings conducted with the Minister for Civil Aviation, Sekie Agisa, the National Airports Corporation CEO, Ephraim Wasem, and senior officers, he was advised that there was no legal basis for the compensation claim of K10 million for portion 49.

Similar sentiments were shared recently by the Secretary for Lands as well.

NIP approves betelnut markets, control measures

The PEC meeting on June 16 has restricted the chewing and spitting of buai at public places.

The approvals will regulate and guide the already existing betelnut policy under the New Ireland Betelnut Management Act 2013.

New Ireland will not ban buai as it is linked to their traditions and cultures. However, it will restrict sales at urban centres, in public transport, shopping centres and shops, hospitals and other public venues.

There will be total ban of betelnut chewing in all Government offices.

New cooking show on gold mining island

Island Chef is the brainchild of PNG catering and camp management company, NCS. It is in direct response to COVID-19 and is providing some light relief and entertainment to thousands of workers stuck on the remote island of Lihir. 

It showcases the best of PNG resilience as well as the skills and culinary expertise of NCS’s catering team.

How It Works

NIP Autonomy call queried

He said New Ireland wants to maintain the national unity with PNG, and so submitted to the National Government in 2018, two pieces of constitution amendment laws on the Autonomous Government for PNG.

Sir Noel said the constitution law is to insert a new part 15 in the National constitution to grant an Autonomous Government in the provinces of PNG, if and when they are ready.