armed robbery

Robbery Suspect Captured

The suspect had been in hiding since. It was alleged that during the robbery, the shop Manager of Chinese origin, as well as shop employees, were held up at gunpoint and an undisclosed amount of money stolen from the shop.

Madang Police say the suspect was named According to police some suspects had been

Car thief sells vehicle to candidate

Southern Highlands Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Daniel Yangen said the man was charged with one count of unlawful use of Motor Vehicle, one count of armed robbery and one count of extortion. He said the suspect, identified as Sammy Mike Tom from Nipa's Kware Village, is being held at Buiebi Corrections facility in Mendi.

Police reports stated that on November 18, 2021, a doctor and driver of the stolen vehicle were travelling to Southern Highlands Teachers College to pick up students when they were held up by Tom at Huriap Bridge at Nipa Station.

Armed Men Robbed Store On Island

Milne Bay Provincial Police Commander Superintendent Peter Barkie said it is alleged that on Sunday afternoon the men, who were all armed with guns, went to the island, robbed the store and then got on boat to get away. The boat was then abandoned and left to tow at nearby islands. PPC Barkie said police officers from Alotau were notified of the incident and they went to the island, but they were too late.

Police are investigating the matter.

Armed robbery suspect caught

At about 2pm on September 20th, a sales team was held up by three armed men while they were coming out of Vadavada.

The sales team had been on their routine runs to check on shops with their products. Three men – two armed with homemade guns and one with a bush knife – held them up and robbed them of K100 each as well as property to the value of approximately K3,000.

A telephone call was made to the NCD toll free number where a Zone 3 Support Unit, which was on routine patrol along Vadavada backroad, responded and was at the scene within minutes.

Armed robbery prompts call for border post

Member for South Bougainville, Timothy Masiu, issued the call following an armed robbery at Maleai village, in the Solomon Islands on February 5th.

South Bougainville and Solomon Islands police reported a group of five suspects from Siwai, in South Bougainville, hijacked a banana boat and its skipper at gun point and ordered him to travel to Shortland islands.

There they held up a Chinese businessman at Maleai village, where they robbed him off beche-de-mer, solar panels, 200 litres of fuel, mobile phones and solar batteries.

Suspects rob shop in police getup

The armed robbery occurred at Titan Supermarket.

Eyewitnesses reported that the incident took place on Sunday, August 26th, between 5 and 6pm, whilst customers were still inside, going about their business.

Two of the suspects, in full special services uniform, were seen in the CCTV footage accosting two Asians in the shop.

They then proceeded to ransacking the cash register as well as helping themselves to flex cards and bulk smoke packets.

4 year-sentence for armed robbery

One of those youths was sentenced to 4 years in jail with hard labor by the National Court today.

Toho Peter lived at the 2 mile settlement. He stole a hand bag belonging to Lena Wafinduo on 7 April last year.

She was travelling on the bus to 4 mile when Peter robbed her, taking her bag while armed with a bush knife at the last bus stop at 2 mile hill.

Quick response by her husband and other police officers led to the apprehension of Peter that same day.

Armed robber shot dead by shop owner

There were up to 15 men who walked into the shop at about 7am in the morning when they opened for business. 

According to Lae police from CCTV footage viewed, it was seen that the men pretended to be early morning shoppers, but then pulled out homemade guns and bush knives attacking and chasing the security guards; some of which tried to force their way into the area where the cash register and other staff were. 

Armed robbery dominates plea cases

In fact, there has been a growing number of armed robbery cases in Lae in recent years.

Most of the accused who have appeared in court have pleaded guilty to the offences and were sentenced accordingly by Justice Panuel Mogish in the months of June, July and August last year.

Last Wednesday was no different with two cases of armed robbery that went before the court.

Trial on for Kone armed robbery

Sese Mala of Lelefu village, Malalaua, is alleged to have been involved in the armed robbery of 777 Pokies bar and restaurant, along with five others, on June 30, 2015.

The court was told today that Mala and others entered the 777 Pokies bar and restaurant between 2pm-3pm, took valuables from customers, cash, alcohol, flex cards and cigarettes, all valued at K5000, while armed with two factory made pistols.

They made away with K2000 cash.

At the presentation of the charge against him in court, Mala pleaded not guilty, which prompted the commencement of the trial.