4 year-sentence for armed robbery

Female commuters of PMVs along the Koki-2 mile stretch of road know the fear of being attacked and robbed in the bus by youths from the area.

One of those youths was sentenced to 4 years in jail with hard labor by the National Court today.

Toho Peter lived at the 2 mile settlement. He stole a hand bag belonging to Lena Wafinduo on 7 April last year.

She was travelling on the bus to 4 mile when Peter robbed her, taking her bag while armed with a bush knife at the last bus stop at 2 mile hill.

Quick response by her husband and other police officers led to the apprehension of Peter that same day.

He admitted to committing the offense in court on 26 April, apologizing to the court and the victim of his crime.

The unemployed youth with a grade 6 education level told the court he committed the crime to sustain himself in the city.

He asked for mercy and to be given a non-custodial sentence so he can go back and take care of his ageing parents.

The probation report given by the Community Correction Based office said Peter was not a suitable candidate for non-custodial sentence.

The risk of reoffending was high for him if he was released back to the community, and exposed to his peers.

Justice George Manuhu in sentencing Peter said such offenses are prevalent by young men like him, and the court wants him to change.

It noted the change that took place in him while at Bomana but the chances of reoffending was high if he is sent back to his community. 

Peter was sentenced to 4 years in jail with hard labor. Time in pre-trial custody will be suspended from the head sentence.

He will now serve 2 years and 11 months at Bomana.

Sally Pokiton