Madang Police

Madang remains calm

There was trouble brewing in the early hours of the morning by opportunists trying to cause mayhem but were dismissed by police officers.

Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Robert Baim gave strict orders for all business houses within the town to close operations by 12 midday today, including all PMV operations. This was to maintain order and monitor the movement of people in and out of town, in case of an uprising.

Police “Cargo Boys” warned

PPC Baim expressed to Governor Ramsey Pariwa his deep compassion for his officers regarding the lack of resources, equipment, working conditions and overall welfare. He said this has also contributed to the lack of response to lawlessness in the province. 

The PPC called on the people of Madang to support police efforts in curbing law and order issues.

Criminals in Madang warned

It will be coordinated by Police with support from the Defense Force and Correctional Service.

The 2nd of December marked the launching of the Christmas and New Year’s police operations for Madang Province at the Bates Oval.

The official opening was launched by Governor Ramsey Pariwa and witnessed by Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Robert Baim, Provincial Administrator Frank Lau, distinguished stakeholders, agencies and the general public.

Robbery suspects nabbed, charged

They were initially rounded up by police in Bogia District after being informed by locals that the group was allegedly involved in a number of robberies.

Bogia police reported that the young men reside in Newtown in Madang town. It was stated that the group was in the district to attend to a wake (hauskrai) on Sunday, July 23, 2023.

Police apprehended them in the early hours of Monday, July 24.

Mother delivers baby in police car

A pregnant mother who was turned away at Modilon Hospital in Madang, gave birth inside a police vehicle, while being assisted to Yagaum Hospital.

Yesterday morning, First Constable Alfred Kamba, who was on duty travel to Madang, was flagged down by members of the public to help the woman in labour. Merian Ismael from Tapen Village in
Rai Coast, was at the bus stop with relatives trying to catch a bus to Yagaum.

According to Kamba, while he was driving Merian and her relatives to Yagaum, she delivered the baby in the back of the car.

Robbery Suspect Captured

The suspect had been in hiding since. It was alleged that during the robbery, the shop Manager of Chinese origin, as well as shop employees, were held up at gunpoint and an undisclosed amount of money stolen from the shop.

Madang Police say the suspect was named According to police some suspects had been

Drug smuggler escapes, marijuana seized

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent David Seine Jr confirmed that the police officers from the Madang Water Police section retrieved the marijuana after all the vehicles had left the checkpoint area. He said the marijuana weighed about 50 kilograms. 

PPC Seine Jr said since the set-up of the checkpoint many drug offenders had been arrested and convicted, and are now serving their jail terms. 

Injured passengers saved

According to the police officer, the mothers were traveling back to Chimbu Province from Madang with their betelnut bags loaded on the truck to sell for their children's school fees.

The police officer (named) stated that some of the mothers injured said they were looking for school fee money and had decided to travel to Madang to buy betelnut to sell in Chimbu. 

The police officers further stated that the vehicle had encountered a mechanical fault while climbing the mountain and went off the road. 

Beon jail escapees recaptured

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent David Seine Jr said according to a police brief, Mulida Juda and Chris Imukali were arrested and charged by police with willful murder by Madang police. 

He said Juda is a convicted prisoner who was jailed for nine years for willful murder, while Imukali was also charged for willful murder and was waiting for his court dates when he escaped. 

PPC Seine Jr said Juda escaped in 2013 during a mess break out and was on the run until he was recaptured recently. 

Madang quiet throughout festivities

According to police situation briefs, police officers in Madang town and the rural commands like Bogia, Walium, Saidor, Dylup, and Ileg were generally quiet except for drunkards who disturbed the peace.

The matter was dealt with at the community level without police assistance.