armed robbery

Court: Bring numbered bail receipt

Forty-year-old Nicky Bob of Manus province appeared for mention at the Committal Court on Wednesday.

He had earlier applied for bail and was allowed bail at K1,200 by the National Court.  Bail was paid by one of his guarantors however the court noted that the bail receipt was not numbered.

Magistrate Mekeo Gauli told Bob the court was concern why there was no receipt number shown on the bail receipt and directed him to enquire with his guarantor who paid the bail amount.

K85,000 taken in Lae robbery

Police reported that the suspects walked into the main entrance of the administration building at around 9am on Thursday (March 24th).

The suspects had on them both factory and homemade guns.

Lae Metropolitan Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr says that the suspects assaulted a female staff who refused to cooperate with them and then made off with K85,000 in cash as well as  three laptops.

Whilst police were alerted they could not catch up with the suspects as they made their way to the beach front and took off on a waiting speed boat.

Lack of information has case struck out

Christopher Kapun of Yangoru, East Sepik Province and his co-accused Yange Mapusa of Wabag, Enga Province had the case against them struck out after police officer in carriage of the investigation failed to prosecute in time.

The two first appeared in court on September 18 this year and after three months, no information was given by the investigation officer nor were their investigation files served to them by police.

This resulted in the Court striking out the matter today for warrant of prosecution.

Bystander wounded in Big Rooster armed holdup

According to security staff,  five men armed with three pistols went into the Big Rooster outlet, held up the staff and took at least K1500.

A security guard stationed inside says he was held at gun point and told to  lie flat on the floor.

“They pointed the gun at my head because I had a hand held radio with me. They told me to lie still or they would shoot me,” he says.

The guards say one man stood holding the door while two others went into the office where cash was kept.

Another armed man was left manning the main gate of the compound.