Timothy Masiu

Masiu urges internet users to be responsible

He went on air this morning on NBC Radio to clarify on the abuse and misuse of social media that has led to incitement and negative comments towards leaders of parliament and the general public, after the riot last Wednesday.

With the directive from the National Executive Council to restrict internet access, Mr Masiu has brushed aside rumours that there will be no shutdown on all social media platforms.

Fast track of digital services

Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Timothy Masiu, is emphasizing that the country to break away from long-awaited service delivery that takes several years.

He was referring to the partnership between NICTA and a local entrepreneur called Gabaspot Digital Hub set up in Gabagaba village in Central Province that took three years to launch.

“We need to move and we need to intensify. I don’t want to hear any more of a facility that’s taking three years to build in a village. Let’s cut off all the three years and make it in six months.

Masiu calls for ICT development support

Minister Masiu made this call when addressing a forum in Bangkok, Thailand, last week.

He said recent interventions in the country and alignment within the Pacific region saw 17 countries and territories sign a milestone declaration called the Lagatoi Declaration, committing to stand united on matters relating to digital transformation.

The Declaration identifies six priority areas:

Closer ICT cooperation

This comes after Minister Masiu travelled to China’s Shenzhen City, recently, for a two-day seminar jointly hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information Technology and the ITU on ‘Building a Digital Future for All,’ and the 2023 BRICS Forum on ‘Future Networks Innovation.’

“Apart from the resounding support I got from the participants on a stronger Pacific voice in international ICT organizations like the ITU and the UN, I was able to secure more ICT projects for the country,” said the minister.

PNG ICT privileged to host

Secretary for the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Steven Matainaho has emphasized that the department has been aiming to hold such an event with neighbouring Pacific countries and territories.

"This is not something that just popped up but it was an initiative primarily by Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Timothy Masiu, when he attended the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Romania. One of the things that was noted is the need for unity and a strong voice.

Masiu calls for calm amidst volcano eruption

The volcano's activity has been impacting the Torokina, Wakunai, and Kunua/Keriaka districts in South, Central and North Bougainville. 
According to initial reports received by the Member’s office, the eruption began on 7th of July with a mild eruption, accompanied by ash and lava flows affecting villages at the base of the volcano. 
Minister Masiu said as the days pass by, nearly 8000 people in the villages of Tsito, Vuakovi, Koromaketo, Kenaya, Longkagari, Piva and Atsinima would be affected. 

Nationwide survey on media policy concluded

He said the comprehensive survey, which spanned all four regions of Papua New Guinea, received 1,620 responses, representing an important and diverse cross-section of the nation. 
Minister Masiu said the aim of the survey was to collect views on the current state of the media sector and solicit recommendations on areas where the government should intervene.
He added that the distribution was done online, as well as through robust advertisements on radio, TV, newspapers, and digital platforms.  

PNG to host Pacific ICT Ministerial Summit

This was announced by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Minister, Timothy Masiu, during the Korea and Pacific Islands Digital Ministerial Conference with Pacific ICT delegates in Seoul, Republic of Korea earlier this week.

Minister Masiu was with the other Ministers that joined the Prime Minister’s delegation to attend the Korea-Pacific Islands Summit as well as bilateral meetings.

PNG to launch first Digital ID Wallet

“With the implementation of the PNG Digital Transformation Policy 2020, the Digital Government Act 2022, and the establishment of the National Cyber Security Centre, we have laid a strong foundation for embracing the opportunities presented by the digital age,” said Masiu.

Masiu added, “In the last six months of implementation, I advise that the piloted Government Cloud Infrastructure is hosting 27 government agencies critical services, in additions, the National Cyber Security Centres monitors an additional 15 government agencies networks and endpoint devices.

Maprik school hosts ICT Learning Centre

Masiu stated during the official opening that Maprik Secondary School is amongst five other schools that have been selected.

It is an International Telecommunication Union Pacific Satellite Connectivity project to assist Pacific Islands in the Asia – Pacific region in the Development of Satellite Communications Capacity and Emergency Communications.

The roll out of the project by NICTA is with Computer equipment over a wired and wireless and may be accessible to the local communities surrounding the schools.