Man Electrocuted At Vadavada

The deceased was on his way to work through the shortcut when he leaned onto a power pole and was electrocuted on the spot.  
Late John is the breadwinner for the family for 20 years and worked as a baker at SVS 2-Mile.

Community leader, Stanley Kuiub, shared that prior to finding out, he called St John Ambulance and requested them to relay the message to PNG power.  
The PNG Power workers arrived at the scene later with Police Forensic officers to carry out investigations and take the body to the Port Moresby General Hospital at 3-Mile. 

Armed robbery suspect caught

At about 2pm on September 20th, a sales team was held up by three armed men while they were coming out of Vadavada.

The sales team had been on their routine runs to check on shops with their products. Three men – two armed with homemade guns and one with a bush knife – held them up and robbed them of K100 each as well as property to the value of approximately K3,000.

A telephone call was made to the NCD toll free number where a Zone 3 Support Unit, which was on routine patrol along Vadavada backroad, responded and was at the scene within minutes.

9,000L water tank for Vadavada

The presentation was made yesterday to Pastor Jeremiah Wambu, who shed tears saying it was a dream come true.

Community leader John Pea said the brand new water tank was one of the answers to the many hardships faced by people living in settlements in the nation’s capital.

“It’s a real struggle and pain to have access to water. We’re so happy and thankful to NDB. It’s a dream come true for us. Thank you for hearing our cries,” said Pea.

Senior human resource officer, Benson Pamea, explained the will to help came from the staff of NDB.

​Goilala people retaliate after discovering dead body

Martin Kepon Ratu's family was caught off guard at 5 this morning when some aggrieved Goilala people in the community attacked them in what was believed to be a retaliation.

According to police personnel on ground, the incident started when the body of a young man from Goilala was discovered in the early hours of this morning.

However, Ratu says his family has fallen victim to baseless assumptions.

"We were still asleep when the fight started. We had no idea they were going to attack because we did not know what started the fight,” the businessman stated.