​Goilala people retaliate after discovering dead body

The death of a young man at Vadavada, Port Moresby, has led to an Engan businessman losing a store and home.

Martin Kepon Ratu's family was caught off guard at 5 this morning when some aggrieved Goilala people in the community attacked them in what was believed to be a retaliation.

According to police personnel on ground, the incident started when the body of a young man from Goilala was discovered in the early hours of this morning.

However, Ratu says his family has fallen victim to baseless assumptions.

"We were still asleep when the fight started. We had no idea they were going to attack because we did not know what started the fight,” the businessman stated.

“But when they started breaking through the fence, we only had time to run away and save ourselves.”

It was then that they noticed smoke billowing from their property.

The store and house was burnt down with 3 laptops, 1 computer, thousands of hard cash, store goods, all personal documents and belongings.

Ratu's eldest son, who is a pilot, also lost his license in the fire.

"We didn't have time to take anything with us. We couldn't even protect ourselves," Ratu said.

According to Constable Frank Michael, the area was in chaos when his unit from the Boroko Police station arrived on the scene.

"We stopped traffic meters away from the scene and eventually calmed the situation down," he said.

While rumours are that the fight is between Wabag and Goilala, locals clarified that it's not.

"I've settled here since 2012 and I have never had a dispute or experience like this. I am still in shock," Ratu added.

A few men and women in the area have sustained injuries from stones hurled during the chaos.

Details into the cause of death are still unknown.

Situation has now returned to normal.

(Pictures of Vadavada after the attack - Kennedy Bani)

Gloria Bauai