Man Dies From Electrocution

The St. John Ambulance team received the 111 call a little after noon yesterday, with a report that a man was electrocuted near the Crown Hotel in Downtown Port Moresby. His body fell 50 meters down a ravine.

St. John’s paramedics, nurses and HEO’s were first on the scene of the incident where a large crowd had gathered. The danger of live wires was evident near the guard rail and the surrounding wet concrete.

Young girl electrocuted

PNG Power Ltd said this location had experienced power outage last night due to a fallen tree onto a service pole.

“The PNG Power field team responded and disconnected supply to the area, then progressed onto other faults whilst waiting for the fallen tree to be cleared,” said PPL acting managing director, Carolyn Blacklock.  

“Sometime during the night, it seemed that an unauthorised energizing of this connection had occurred, rendering the service pole dangerous.