Deal Signed After Year-Long Fight

On Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, representatives of both tribes led by their respective leaders, Yarip Belen for Aiyela and Namo Pore for Nomali, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Paiam Police Station, agreeing to stop fighting and go into mediation.

The Nomali-Aiyela fighting broke out in March of 2021 at Kairik Village over claims of outstanding compensation payments and land issues, leading to unconfirmed death reports of close to 100 people.

Trout Fingerlings Distributed in Enga

The distribution of these fingerlings is part of a pilot project that began in July this year. It is aimed at providing an alternate source of protein and improve food security in remote areas. 

The Fingerlings which are bred at Kalopa Hatchery on the Northern foothills of Mt Giluwe in the Southern Highlands Province. They were transported into Enga Province and distributed.

Porgera raid against Ministers advise

Kramer said he was informed of the impending raid during his last visit to Porgera and strongly advised against it given the lack of protective gear and training.

He said when he learnt of the death of the police officer he was upset.

Minister Kramer was responding to questions by NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, on the proliferation of guns in tribal communities in rural PNG.

Enga farewells late police officer

The late Inspector Steven Pakunara, who originated from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, served the people of Enga for over 34 years until his passing.

Provincial Police Commander, Senior Inspector Epenes Nili, described the late Pakunara as a man of discipline and maturity.

“Yumi lusim wanpla man lo kamapim na sheipim na mouldim wanpla man lo kamap olsem komishend ofisa,” PPC Nili said.

“Em i save teikim taim na risos na mani lo kamapim kain man olsem Steven Pakunara lo kamap olsem komishend ofisa, em i no wanpla liklik samting.”

Community denounces alcohol, tribal fighting

Yokoloma is a community within the Special Mining Lease (SML) of the Porgera Gold Mine.

On 26 February, one of the biggest clan within the SML area, Mamai Clan, made up of people basically from Yokolama, Alipis and Panadaka, took ownership to denounce publicly the sale and consumption of alcohol, marijuana and illegal drugs. They also said no to engaging in unacceptable social activities such as tribal warfare or violence, carrying around offensive weapons in public and stealing and illegal mining within the clan areas.

Chronic disease in Enga: Police

He said the style of revenge killing was practiced in the past and does not reflect changes that are happening now in the Criminal Justice System in PNG.

Enga’s Police boss made this remark when addressing tribal leaders from Winikos village in Kombiam, after a man from the Pinai tribe was shot dead, allegedly by Wangin tribe members, on March 11.

Three teenage boys were also allegedly shot by the same tribe after the initial shooting.

Respect forefathers: Ipatas

Sir Peter made these remarks at the conclusion of the CLRC public consultation on the review of the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government elections in Enga recently.

He said the country had a good operating system but everyone keeps breaking the laws.

Governor Ipatas made several recommendations which include maintaining the preferential voting system, reducing campaign weeks, increasing nomination fees and adopting of the Electronic voting system.

CLRC concludes public consultation meet in Enga

CLRC chairman, Robert Atiyafa said lack of compliance, collusion between candidates and electoral officials and security officers, and strong Melanesian cultures consistently weaken democracy in this country.

When concluding its public consultation on review of the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government elections in Enga recently, CLRC chairman Robert Atiyafa said cheating in elections is widespread that candidates in many areas have done that to win seats in Parliament.

First harvest on display

Under the PJV Food Security program, they were able to acquire improved crop farming skills through the Agrikids program, which is targeted at school children.

According to PJV Executive Managing Director Anthony Esplin, the company is happy to support communities in re-establishing agriculture skills, particularly through agriculture oriented projects.

“I spent most of my career working in developing countries around the world, and I’m a very great believer in the power of mining companies to do good in the communities where we operate.

Thousands gather to welcome governors

This conference will be the first in the Highlands region where all seven governors of the Highlands provinces gathered to discuss issues in the region.

Host Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, when giving his official welcome speech, said this meeting is very important for the development not only for Enga but for the other provinces as well.

He said now is the time to change and do away with other law and order issues.