Enga leaders urged to stop blame game

“Leaders are blaming the Electoral Commissioner and blaming the National Government, and not telling the truth.”

Sir John in a statement said the people of Lagaip had a peaceful polling and candidates conducted themselves very well.

Enga celebrates dedication day

Led by pastors and elders of different church denominations, the faithful were in a procession from the Ipatas Centre office carpark to the town’s main grandstand near BSP Bank.

There, they were received with more songs of praise from different groups, including traditional Christian singing groups from the six districts of Wabag, Wapenamanda, Kompiam, Ambum, Laiagam, Porgera-Paela and Kandep.

During the main program, representatives from various denominations offered prayers of thanks to God for the many blessings they had received in the last 45 years.

Farming hurdles in Enga

The farming inputs include fertilisers, where low profit margins can push families to use more artificial and imported fertilisers.

Janet Pungin, a mother of four in her 50s, is responsible for farming and raising livestock in her household, especially caring for pigs.

“Because pigs are valued in Engan culture, it is my responsibility to ensure that our pigs are fed and taken care of. Pigs are fed sweet potato so it is important there is a constant supply of feed for the pigs,” she said.

Manning condemns sorcery related violence in Enga

Nine women were rounded up and tortured over the death of the Engan businessman. Police in Enga intervened but unfortunately, were able to save only five who were badly injured from the torture. The other four died and were buried before police arrived.

Mr Manning said, “This barbaric, senseless and evil act is an insult to the memory of a great man from Enga. Jacob Luke was kind, honest, and a hard-working man who was against such evil acts.”

Ipatas Arrives To Rousing Welcome

Sir Ipatas who is the leader of the People’s Party has retained his seat with a winning majority of 172, 652 votes surpassing the absolute majority of 140, 220 votes.

Among the crowd of students were final year UPNG Medical Students. 

They cheer, “The father of modern Enga”, applauding him for the new state of the art hospital which they anticipate to serve after they complete studies.

Sir Peter Ipatas travelled in from Wabag with the Returning Officer to deliver the return of writs to the Electoral Commissioner.

Calls For State Of Emergency In Porgera

The call comes following the massacre of 16 people on Tuesday, July 19th and as of Wednesday, 20th, the death toll has risen to 18.

“The killing of the 16 people on Tuesday is not related to election.  The 16 people killed are from Kandep and have become victim of the tribal war in Porgera,” said Meck Minnala, Chairman of the Enga Professional.

Minnala said the massacre stem from an ongoing conflict between two warring tribes in the Porgera valley over landownership, however innocent lives have been lost.

AG Condemns Election-related Violence

He said properties have been destroyed, innocent lives lost, with mothers and children caught in the cross fires of distorted right to power.

“Such unlawfulness has challenged the very core of freedom and democracy in our nation.

“We are at a cross roads where the rule of law is no longer adhered to. This mentality must not be tolerated nor entertained.”

EU Condemns Violence In Enga

In a press release, the EU says it deplores the election-related inter-tribal violence in the Highlands region, in particular the wanton loss of lives in Enga Province.

The European Union is appealing to all to respect democratic principles by observing peaceful and orderly elections. 

Deal Signed After Year-Long Fight

On Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, representatives of both tribes led by their respective leaders, Yarip Belen for Aiyela and Namo Pore for Nomali, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Paiam Police Station, agreeing to stop fighting and go into mediation.

The Nomali-Aiyela fighting broke out in March of 2021 at Kairik Village over claims of outstanding compensation payments and land issues, leading to unconfirmed death reports of close to 100 people.

Trout Fingerlings Distributed in Enga

The distribution of these fingerlings is part of a pilot project that began in July this year. It is aimed at providing an alternate source of protein and improve food security in remote areas. 

The Fingerlings which are bred at Kalopa Hatchery on the Northern foothills of Mt Giluwe in the Southern Highlands Province. They were transported into Enga Province and distributed.