Southern Highlands

Legal year opening underway in Imbonggu

In attendance are Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, his deputy Justice Ambeng Kandakasi, the judges of the National and Supreme court, magistrates and members of the judiciary including lawyers.

Governor for Southern Highlands William Powi, the Defence Minister Dr Billy Joseph and member for Mendi, Raphael Tonpi are in attendance.

For the first time, the legal year is being opened in the district and will be followed by the opening of the National Court House later in the day.

IOM launches peacebuilding initiatives in Kagua Erave

These projects were initiated in the remote villages of Pira 1, Pira 2, and Mapata 2 in collaboration with the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund.

These initiatives are part of the Community Peace for Development (CPDP) program, which includes Climate Change and Adaptation, as well as Disaster Risk Reduction Planning and Implementation. In total, four community plans were implemented to enhance peace and development through the strategic implementation of infrastructure.

K10,000 for education project

Managing director Marcus Palam Kara presented the cheque to Johnny Yawari of Wame Blood. The donation is in aid of Yawari's 'Concert for a Worthy Cause' dinner scheduled to take place on Friday, November 10 at the Hilton in Port Moresby.

Yawari who is organizing the corporate dinner to raise funds for the construction of a double-storey classroom in his hometown of Kutubu, Southern Highlands expressed his gratitude to Kara and his team for their commitment to education in the country.

Education Boost in Mendi Munihu

Under Tonpi's leadership, the MMDDA has embarked on a mission to revitalize and enhance the long-neglected infrastructure in the district, with education taking centre stage.

"We are unwavering in our commitment to prioritize education in our district," stated Mr. Tonpi.

Nipa District Hospital gets doctor

Welcoming Dr Panta was Member for Nipa Kutubu, Dr Billy Joseph, District Planner and community leader Robin Tuna on behalf of the Nipa District Development Authority and Southern Highlands Provincial Government.

Tuna said Nipa Hospital has been operating without a doctor for the past nine years and Dr Panta’s decision to serve in Nipa is a piece of welcoming news.

Dr Billy was also grateful for Dr Panta’s decision.

Drug smuggling high along highway

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector Jeffrey Lemb is concerned that a lot of drugs are coming down from the Highlands through the new Kikori- Southern Highlands highway since opening last year.

“Some of the drugs are transported further up to Kerema and to NCD for cash trade. However, most we believe are exchanged with illegal firearms from neighbouring Western Province and locals as well,” said PPC Lemb.

Santos staff recognise World Environment Day

At Santos, waste reduction initiatives included a clean-a-thon in Kutubu, Southern Highlands on Sunday, 4th of June.

Staff also honed in on their creativity using recycled material to create work of art such as an Instaframe decorated with flowers made from plastic containers.

In step with its purpose to create a better world for everyone, Santos pursues its environment objective with reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, Goal 14: Life Below Water and Goal 15: Life on Land.

Mt Giluwe Conservation Foundation launched

The launch signifies the beginning of their efforts to conserve their forests, culture and their natural environment.

The launch took place at Yokai Base along the Tambul- Mendi Highway in Upper Mendi, witnessed by hundreds of people from Upper Mendi, Tambul, Nebilyer and heads of key government agencies and guests who travelled in from other provinces.

Chairman of Mount Giluwe Conservation Foundation Richard Kuna said the main aim of the foundation is to protect its pristine forests and natural environment around the precincts of Mount Giluwe.

Western Pacific University needs

The university is a state owned institution that was established by an Act of Parliament in 2014 and started academic operation in 2021 with the numbers increasing by the year with 200 students in 2022.

President Dr. Janet Rangou said students are expected to learn digitally in a conducive environment the university provides, for them to learn and come out with digital competencies.

Minister clarifies ransom and release of hostages

“I can confirm that neither the Prime Minister, James Marape nor the National Government were engaged directly with the hostage takers in relation to the terms of release or the ransom sum requested.

“Negotiations were deliberately undertaken by third parties, through an agreed operational strategy, so as to not compromise the State position on law enforcement,” Minister Tsiamalili said.

The Minister said that families of the hostages, supporters, local communities, and local authorities were engaged in the negotiations.