Census exercise extended

The 2024 Census data collection period has been extended for another two weeks due to most provinces falling behind on the counting process.

The national census since its start on 17 June, had been delayed in many parts of the country and the extension comes timely. Minister of Administrative Services, Richard Masere, today announced that the 2024 Census data collection period, which began on 17 June and concluded on 30 June, will be extended.

Masere said this extension is necessary to address various challenges and ensure a comprehensive and accurate count.

“Due to logistical issues, particularly the unavailability of domestic flights caused by fuel shortages affecting Air Niugini and other aircraft operators, we have experienced delays in the delivery of census materials and the mobilization of our personnel,” stated Minister Masere.

Despite these challenges, all census materials and tablets have now been successfully delivered to their respective areas. Third-tier training is currently underway in most regions, and we expect enumeration to commence shortly in those areas affected.

“We have planned a standard mop-up process as part of the 2024 Census to address any delays caused by ongoing fuel shortages or any other issues. Our team is actively reviewing and implementing contingency plans to ensure the smooth continuation of training and the enumeration process," the minister added.

All citizens have been urged to participate, support and cooperate during this extended period, as the data are crucial to achieving accurate and comprehensive census data.

Loop Author