Dame Jean retains Police promotions board chair

Dame Jean Kekedo continues her role as Chairperson of the 2024 Police Promotions and Selections Board. Dame Jean took oath and was sworn into office under the guidance of Police Minister Peter Tsiamalili Junior on Tuesday, June 25.

The swearing-in ceremony held at the Police Headquarters at Konedobu was small but significant.

The event was witnessed by Commissioner of Police David Manning, who was flanked by several senior officers of the constabulary, heralding the start of police promotions for 2024. 

Commissioner Manning said he wrote to Dame Jean, inviting her to participate in the promotion board panel, and she accepted.

"The Police Minister and the executive management are deeply elated because Dame (Jean) is one of PNG's most distinguished woman leaders,” Manning said.

Manning said Dame Jean is a role model, prominently recognized and renowned for her outstanding work both within the government and corporate sectors.

The other appointees on the 2024 police promotions board include Deputy Commissioner of Police and Chief of Administration Dr Philip Mitna, who will represent the Commissioner, and Assistant Commissioner of Crimes Hodges Ette who represents the Police Union.

Both Messrs Mitna and Ette took the oath as well and signed the instruments giving effect to their appointments.

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