Morobe govt welcomes new chief of staff

The Morobe Provincial Government officially welcomed its new chief of staff on Friday, June 28th, at Tutumang Haus.

Giling Jeremiah, who was the Morobe Governor’s protocol officer, is now the new chief of staff.

The Morobe Provincial Government has seen three different appointments for the top post of chief of staff in the space of one year.

In July 2023, the then chief of staff and 2022 Tewai-Siassi Open candidate, Temas Nania, was replaced by Emmanuel Isaac over competency issues.

Nania had been occupying the post for a few months only when he was replaced by Isaac mid-2023.

On Friday, June 28th, an official handover takeover ceremony was held at Tutumang Haus, with Isaac handing over the reins to Jeremiah.

Outgoing Cos, Isaac, thanked the governor for trusting him with the role, which he had occupied for almost a year.

“My heartfelt gratitude to the governor for supporting me,” he stated. “I also wish to thank the provincial administrator, whom we have been working together to serve the government of the day.

“Morobe is bigger than me. So, when the governor made the decision, I placed the leadership on the table, and I accepted the decision when he appointed my father/brother. I have no issue with this and will gladly hand over the leadership to Giling.”

Governor Luther Wenge said Isaac will remain in the system to assist the new chief of staff.

“They will work together, hand in hand, help each other for us to run forward smoothly,” Wenge stated. “We know the current issues here; debt servicing, we need to work out school fees and school subsidies for our children in tertiary institutions, we have to ensure the implementation of the policy that caters for our pastors and evangelists, people with disabilities and widows and single mothers as well.”

The governor said people who need to see him or have issues with him or Tutumang, will bring it up with the chief of staff.

Furthermore, the new deputy chief of staff is Philip Boge while the new Tutumang clerk is Kau Kasup.

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