Police launch strategy to suppress tribal conflicts

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Manning emphasized that the security forces are committed to neutralizing combatants and bringing agitators to justice.

During a recent briefing with the Prime Minister, Manning conveyed the collective horror felt across the nation concerning the senseless bloodshed in the Highlands Region, particularly in Enga Province.

Police Monitor Porgera After Violent Incident

Security forces, consisting local police and PNG Defence Force personnel, rescued the woman with minor injuries and are treating the situation as an isolated case.

Enga Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Acting Superintendent George Kakas, has expressed his satisfaction with the emerging trend in Enga where tribes are increasingly turning to the law to deal with grievances rather than resorting to violence.

The police have been working to build trust and cooperation with local communities in order to promote peaceful conflict resolution.

Paiam hospital to reopen

The hospital had been shut down about eight months ago following the onslaught of tribal fights in the Porgera valley that had threatened the safety of hospital workers and the operations of the hospital. 

EPHA Acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr Elvis Japhlet and team visited Porgera on Thursday March 2, accompanied by Paiam hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr. Jerry Hoga and representatives from the United Nations (UN).

Porgera Mine restart remains on hold

Barrick Gold Corporation Chief Executive Officer Mark Bristow has urged all Papua New Guinea parties involved in the Porgera Mine reopening negotiations to complete the process by the end of the first quarter 2023. 
Bristow was in the country as part of his quarterly visits to all Barrick owned and operated mines. 

Calls For State Of Emergency In Porgera

The call comes following the massacre of 16 people on Tuesday, July 19th and as of Wednesday, 20th, the death toll has risen to 18.

“The killing of the 16 people on Tuesday is not related to election.  The 16 people killed are from Kandep and have become victim of the tribal war in Porgera,” said Meck Minnala, Chairman of the Enga Professional.

Minnala said the massacre stem from an ongoing conflict between two warring tribes in the Porgera valley over landownership, however innocent lives have been lost.

Deal Signed After Year-Long Fight

On Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, representatives of both tribes led by their respective leaders, Yarip Belen for Aiyela and Namo Pore for Nomali, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Paiam Police Station, agreeing to stop fighting and go into mediation.

The Nomali-Aiyela fighting broke out in March of 2021 at Kairik Village over claims of outstanding compensation payments and land issues, leading to unconfirmed death reports of close to 100 people.

Landowners meet Barrick CEO

A high-level Barrick team have been in Port Moresby for a month now negotiating with the State terms for reopening Porgera Mine.

The PLOA Negotiating Committee have been on the ground in Porgera to discuss with Special Mining Lease (SML) clan leaders and their alternates, as well as the wider SML landowner community the importance of landowners having direct control over benefits and royalties generated by the mine over the next twenty years.

PJV supports COVID-19 awareness efforts

Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) is supporting the Porgera Coronavirus Task Force Committee by providing fuel and logistics support including the provision of information materials and community radio awareness on Covid 19.

The District Coronavirus Task Force committee comprises membership of the local police, district health, Paiam hospital, Ipili Council of Churches, District Administration, Porgera Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), Restoring justice Initiative (RJI) and PJV.

Porgera leadership challenged

Justice Kandakasi addressed the Porgera public in a visit to the troubled district on Sunday 15 March.

Speaking at the Porgera Station, Justice Kandakasi bluntly highlighted a lack in leadership and breakdown in community discipline as reasons for the ongoing problems with law and order in Porgera.

“Where are your leaders? They are supposed to be on the ground attending to the people’s concerns and issues arising in the communities,” he stated.


Police deployed to Porgera following reports of killings

“This was a very vicious attack on defenceless men, women and children and must be strongly condemned. Additional police manpower will be sent into the area to beef up the police numbers already on the ground and to build cases against perpetrators and bring them to justice,” Commissioner Manning said.

“My thoughts and prayers go to the communities in the area in these very trying times,” Commissioner Manning said.