Heli Solutions

Leaders, Spouses Graduate

He flew into Mount Hagen yesterday morning and was ferried by Heli Solutions Chief Pilot, Captain James Pima, into Paglum Adventist Secondary School to attend his Sabbath Service.

After a quiet service at his former school, he was taken to Banz where he attended the 54th graduation ceremony of CLTC.

Witnessed by community members, families of graduates, dignitaries, members of parliament and church representatives, the PM commended the graduates for responding to the greater calling of serving the Lord. 

Helicopter Pilots Recognised

Captain David Takindu and Captain James Pima are employed by local helicopter company, Heli Solutions. Both captains are former servicemen in the PNG Defence Force. They are familiar with the military protocols involving state representatives and transported the ambassador with ease.

Being her first trip to the region,  Ambassador McKee  was given an aerial tour of American funded projects in Jiwaka Province upon her return to Western Highlands Province. 

Trout Fingerlings Distributed in Enga

The distribution of these fingerlings is part of a pilot project that began in July this year. It is aimed at providing an alternate source of protein and improve food security in remote areas. 

The Fingerlings which are bred at Kalopa Hatchery on the Northern foothills of Mt Giluwe in the Southern Highlands Province. They were transported into Enga Province and distributed.

Angesi Villagers Challenged

MP Salio Waipo grew up in Angesi. He was there to witness the opening of the new Church of Christ building. He challenged youths to turn away from homebrew and marijuana and not be lazy, but to look to church principles to guide them in life.

Waipo presented K10, 000 to the church in support of its community activities in Angesi.

Angesi is located along the Keram River. It is inaccessible by road. The only two modes of transport into Angesi are by river and air.

Waipo was ferried by Heli Solutions into Angesi, to a rousing welcome by the community.

Medivac Saves Local

Seneika Kinsly was injured around 5am last weekend and her parents carried her to the Sengapi Health centre, a gruelling eight-hour walk from her village, reaching the health centre just afternoon.  

Kol Medivac

The young mother named Betty was assisted by villagers who constructed a stretcher out of bamboo and torn up flour bags and brought her to wait for the medevac.

Heli Solutions Pilot, Captain Boga and Operations Manager Linda Wii, who is also a First Aid officer flew to Kol and evacuated the young mother and her baby to the Kudjip Nazerene Hospital.

Wii said by the time the medevac team had arrived, the young mother was very weak but had been able to stay conscious by drinking coke to maintain her blood sugar level.