Suspects rob shop in police getup

The armed robbery occurred at Titan Supermarket.

Eyewitnesses reported that the incident took place on Sunday, August 26th, between 5 and 6pm, whilst customers were still inside, going about their business.

Two of the suspects, in full special services uniform, were seen in the CCTV footage accosting two Asians in the shop.

They then proceeded to ransacking the cash register as well as helping themselves to flex cards and bulk smoke packets.

Rigo development plan to be launched

There are many aspects of the plan but rehabilitating the Kwikila Township tops the list.

Kwikila Township is the engine room of the district.

This is where the district staff carry out administrative duties.

Thus local MP Lekwa Gure says the district cannot talk about development without fixing its headquarters.

“First of all we need to establish land boundaries of Kwikila followed by improving water and sanitation needs, which is also a development need of the district,” he said.

​Women should head some sectors: Gure

He pointed this out during his transitional brief recently at Kwikila town, the heart of Rigo district.

During the event, the MP and his wife Vavine noted that most of the presenters (coordinators/sectoral heads) that day were men, with the exception of only one woman.

“Here we are talking about gender equity. Perhaps in the district administration, we should look at some of the positions to have women as the head of those sectors,” says MP Gure.

Parents urged to monitor daughters during elections

During an awareness conducted at Kalo village in Hula recently, Gimana raised concerns on underage pregnancy that is affecting young girls in the village. 

"During the election period, a lot of candidates and supporters will carry cash to lure voters and young girls can become venerable to such situations," Gimana said.

He said young girls have become vulnerable to unsafe sex because of ignorance and called on parents to monitor the movements of their daughters during the election period.

Kwikila to host Southern leagues club championship

 The elimination matches will be played at Kwikila this Sunday.

There are eight teams that remain standing. This will be cut down to 4 teams after Sunday.

In the match at 10am, Aroma Coast West will take on the Young Tigers from Kerema. This will be followed by the matchup between the Poreporena Marlins and the Hohola Flies at 11:30am.

Later at 1pm, Koiari Tigers will do battle against the Gaire Titans.

The main game of the day is between the Rigo Raiders and the Taruba Eels. This game kicks off at 3pm.