Car Theft

Stolen vehicles recovered

Police reported that they were recovered on the same day and in good condition. Police patrol units recovered one at Gerehu and the other at Konebodu.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika also urged the public to be more security conscious when moving about the city. 

"Sooner there will be a technology that will be established in the entire city that will enhance police performance. Otherwise I take my hat for every individual member for the resilience in this critical time," Sika said. 

Car thief sells vehicle to candidate

Southern Highlands Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Daniel Yangen said the man was charged with one count of unlawful use of Motor Vehicle, one count of armed robbery and one count of extortion. He said the suspect, identified as Sammy Mike Tom from Nipa's Kware Village, is being held at Buiebi Corrections facility in Mendi.

Police reports stated that on November 18, 2021, a doctor and driver of the stolen vehicle were travelling to Southern Highlands Teachers College to pick up students when they were held up by Tom at Huriap Bridge at Nipa Station.

Drivers Escape Armed Robbers

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said there were three attempted car thefts that happened at around the same time. All three attempts were unsuccessful.

PPC Rubinag said the taxi driver’s escape from the criminals at James Barnes got the attention of nearby Kuima security guards, who arrived at the location moments after the criminals had escaped.

Stolen cars found in Vadavada Taurama area

The car was taken from a family at 9 mile earlier this month when they were held up by three armed men while travelling to their 14 mile home.

The Hagen family reported the matter to police who have been investigating the case.

Police state that the car was reported seen by  members of the Vadavada community and was recovered by a unit on patrol in the area.

Meantime another car was recovered outside the mangrove patches growing in the Taurama housing estates adjacent to the Taurama army barracks this afternoon.

Two cars recovered from Morata

Both vehicles were discovered near the community hall area but it has yet to be established if both were taken by the same group of men.

One of the cars, a CRV vehicle, was taken at the Town area late Friday (16th October) night from a Central family at the Touaguba Hill area.

The family was driving out of their home when they were held up by three armed men who forced the father, mother and two small boys out of the car.

They took off with three mobile phones and K2000 in cash which had been left in the car.

Another car recovered on Kanage St

The car was reported stolen at a home at East Boroko earlier this week .

Police report that three armed men held up an Oro family who were trying to drive into their property at about  11 on Monday night.

The small Nissan car was reportedly spotted by a police patrol unit who were patrolling the street this morning.

The car is still in good condition and is now at Boroko traffic office while police are speaking with people in the Kanage St area to see if they can get any leads into who dumped the car.