Manning: To save lives, soldiers directed to shoot and arrest

Commissioner Manning and the Enga Provincial Administrator, Tsandis Tsaka, received operational briefings from Provincial Police Commander Superintendent George Kakas and Wabag Police Station Commander, Inspector Patrick Peka, as well as the Director of Enga Law and Order Committee, Nelson Leia.

Wau-Waria gets four new police vehicles

Wau-Waria is the first district in the country to utilise the Royal PNG Constabulary’s kina-for-kina programme.

In 2020, the two provinces who utilised the scheme were Madang and Northern. The scheme was then announced in December 2023 by the Internal Security Minister, Peter Tsiamalili Jnr, who told MPs in Parliament that to build police capacity in the provinces, the Constabulary would meet kina for kina in procuring vehicles and constructing accommodation.

Police officers to stand trial for assault

First Constable Onesmus Kiki attached to the Waigani Police Station and Senior Constable Dunstan Wunum attached to the Boroko Police Station appeared before the Waigani Committal Court on Tuesday, 6th of February, 2024.

They were committed by the Committal Court to stand for trial at the National Court due to sufficient evidence by the Police Prosecutor.

Nine escapees on the run in South B’ville

The escape has sparked concerns about public safety, with police urging vigilance and caution among residents.

According to Buin Police Station Commander, Inspector John Popui, the escapees managed to remove the doors to their cells, prompting a widespread search operation.

Inspector Popui urged residents to report any sightings or information regarding the escapees, emphasizing the importance of cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

Five commissioned as police chaplains

Chief Inspector Fr Michael Lau (NCD/Central Chaplain), Chief inspector Fr Joseph Labigi (Islands Chaplain), Chief Inspector Rev. William Pok (Coastal Chaplain), Chief Inspector Rev. David Yuwi (Highlands Chaplin), and Chief Inspector Fr. George Baruka (Bougainville Police Service Chaplain) recited an oath of office and vowed to perform their duties with the objective of bringing effective change to the police force.

K100 million Investment on police housing

The agreement will see the provision of police housing, valued at AU$37 million (around K100 million) over four years.

Police Commissioner, David Manning said a large part of the support will be utilised in improving living conditions for Papua New Guinea police through the building and renovation of the barracks and accommodation.

Station commanders to drive behavior change

This was the message to NCD police during the 2024 NCD parade today in Port Moresby.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika said the best strategy that the police will now take is to direct the responsibility to the police station commanders to change the behaviours of their police officers.

He said this is one way to see improvement in the police force.

Sika said the NCD Command is going through a structural change, and has given strong responsibility to the police station commanders following the unrest on the 10th of January, 2024.

Don’t blame police for deaths: ACP

Assistant Commissioner of Police for Northern Command, Peter Guinness, clarified that the message was clear; remain at home or within your premises.

So far, Lae police have confirmed five deaths and six injuries.

“Why did they come out to the streets? What was their intention and what was their purpose for coming and joining the group to cause trouble?”

Highlighting the Port Moresby rampage on Wednesday, January 10th, ACP Guinness said people thought they could capitalise on the situation in other centres of the country.

Road to recovery

Much of the effort is concentrated in the Gerehu area where the warehouse was located.

While random police checks on vehicles saw police confiscating some items, good residents rose up to the call to return items in their possession.

Three trucks belonging to the Brian Bell warehouse were also recovered in the process.

A few residents spoke to us on camera, explaining how they got the items and their reasons for returning them.

One said ”mi pilim bel hevi so maski mi mas returnim. Bikpla tok sori.”


"NCD/Central Command has an operational charge to bring the situation in Port Moresby under control, to stop the looting and to move crowds off the streets as the immediate priority," Commissioner Manning said.

"Police have been working through the afternoon, dispersing crowds moving around with a pack mentality. People who do not comply with police directions will be detained and locked up for processing.