NCD police operations start, criminals warned

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary hierarchy on Wednesday 14th, 2023 launched the police special operations for a safe and peaceful Independence celebrations.

Port Moresby and NCD Police will continue to provide regular and normal operations, but with the hype of activities and celebrations Police special operations kicks off today, making sure Papua New Guineans observe the country’s 48th Independence anniversary in a peaceful and meaningful way.

29 Suspects Surrender to Police

The operation leading to the surrender of these suspects was masterminded by Central Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Laimo Asi. Accompanied by his officers and supported by three ward councilors from Egala`auna, Maopa, and Gaivakala, Chief Inspector Asi successfully orchestrated the surrender.

Alleged hefty fees by reservists

A public servant voiced her concern that after her brother was apprehended by the reservists following a land confrontation, she went to the temporary holding cell and was told to pay K3,000 bail before he could be released. 

Margaret Silas, a local at the Nanima-Kariba Rural LLG, voiced similar sentiments, saying it has been nearly a decade since regular police officers were stationed at Aseki Station.

“If there’s no money, the issue will not be attended to,” she said. 

Manning Warns Against online Forgery

Manning warned that those engaging in the falsification of police documents would face grave legal repercussions, including potential penalties of up to K100,000 in fines and a staggering 25 years of imprisonment.

Wau police houses upgraded

“As part of our dedication to responsible corporate citizenship, we are proud to be able to ensure that police officers have proper housing,” said Lawrence Sipala, Superintendent, Local Content and Agriculture.

“We recognise and hope that our contributions to development in the region will contribute significantly to their ability to serve and protect the community effectively,” he added.

Pacific police trained to counter cyber threats

Under the banner of CSP, the AFP, through the Pacific Police Development Program – Regional (PPDP-R), has provided essential training and education programs.

The focus has been on enabling Pacific police to navigate the digital landscape safely and effectively. The program consists of two core foundation courses: Cyber Safety Awareness and Education Community Trainer, and Cybercrime Investigations.

Protect integrity of safehouses: Manning

His call comes in the wake of a disturbing incident where an accused attacker attempted to breach the security of a safe house.

While Commissioner Manning refrained from revealing specific details to safeguard the victim's identity, he disclosed that the case involved a woman seeking refuge in a safe house after accusing her husband of rape and kidnapping.

Shockingly, the accused individual resorted to attempting to bribe police officers to obtain the location of the safe house and even demanded a search warrant to locate the woman inside.

Tougher Stance on domestic terrorism

Commissioner of Police David Manning said the new direction includes empowering provincial police commands to collaborate with provincial administrations in addressing local crime issues. Instead of a historical emphasis on crime prevention, the police force will now concentrate on immediate responses to criminal activities and aggressive actions.

To support this shift, legislation is being developed to explicitly define domestic terrorism and outline the police force's counter-terrorism strategy.

Woman assaulted by senior Lae policeman

Their family has been having land issues with the family of the senior police officer in question, who is from Central Province but married to a Butibam woman.

While the matter is being dealt with at the village level, Raynald was allegedly unlawfully detained for over six hours on Sunday, July 16th, at the Top Town police holding cell.

“I wanted to get my bail receipt,” said Raynald. “He brought the police to my home at Buala, Butibam, on Sunday. I told them, I did nothing wrong. Our land mediation is still underway.

Peace Restored in Hoskins

The police acted promptly and currently, nine suspects are in police custody, with three individuals apprehended on Monday and an additional six captured on wednesday.

Responding to the escalating tension, an emergency meeting was convened among local leaders including Member for Nakanai and Oil Palm Minister, Francis Maneke, to discuss immediate police intervention.