Port Moresby Riots

Wagambie stood down to allow for investigations

Wagambie’s suspension is for disciplinary offences that must be investigated under Part IV of the Police Act 1998, stated Yamasombi in a statement.

When issuing the suspension, Yamasombi said the suspension follows initial investigations by the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Internal Affairs Directorate (IAD) into the event that transpired on Wednesday 10th January, 2024.

Road to recovery

Much of the effort is concentrated in the Gerehu area where the warehouse was located.

While random police checks on vehicles saw police confiscating some items, good residents rose up to the call to return items in their possession.

Three trucks belonging to the Brian Bell warehouse were also recovered in the process.

A few residents spoke to us on camera, explaining how they got the items and their reasons for returning them.

One said ”mi pilim bel hevi so maski mi mas returnim. Bikpla tok sori.”

PNG Fire Station spread thin

Chief of Fire PNG, Bill Roo said most of these fires were from shops.

He said this during a media conference by the now-suspended police commissioner, David Manning in Port Moresby yesterday. 

“Fire trucks were scattered from one destination to another, and we were unable to contain most of the fires in the city because they were too many,” he said. 

He said it was very challenging for them but they managed to contain a few of the fires.

Nine dead in POM riots

Chief Executive Officer of Port Moresby General Hospital, Dr Paki Molumi provided a summary of the cases presented at the hospital’s Accident and Emergency department following the riots.

According to the report, 60 riot-related cases were presented to the ANE.

Of this, the hospital reported nine deaths, 51 injuries that required further medical care and 24 minor injuries.

There were 28 admissions, 15 surgical operations and 13 orthopaedic cases.

Government backbenchers resign

Member for Chuave, James Nomane and Hiri Koiari MP, Keith Iduhu were the first to announce their resignation through official statements this morning.

The other four who joined later this afternoon are Abau MP, Sir Puka Temu, North Fly MP James Donald, Middle Fly MP, Maso Hewabi and Ijivitari MP, David Arore.

In a joint statement, the four members expressed their lack of confidence in the leadership of the current government following the riots and expressed their disappointment in the manner in which the situation is being handled.

Our Day of Shame

TIPNG urges the public and all parties involved to return to their homes and prioritise the restoration of peace and order in our cities.