Six suspects captured for burning G-Mart

G-Mart the only shop that survived the January 10 looting and burning in Gerehu, was destroyed in a fire yesterday.

It is believed to be set ablaze by four juveniles and two adults, who are now in police custody pending further investigations into the cause of the fire.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika confirmed this report yesterday afternoon. He said the cause of the fire is yet to be established. Sika told this newsroom that a formal police report will be released after thorough investigations are carried out.

PNG Fire Station spread thin

Chief of Fire PNG, Bill Roo said most of these fires were from shops.

He said this during a media conference by the now-suspended police commissioner, David Manning in Port Moresby yesterday. 

“Fire trucks were scattered from one destination to another, and we were unable to contain most of the fires in the city because they were too many,” he said. 

He said it was very challenging for them but they managed to contain a few of the fires.

Australia woman charged after setting fire in quarantine hotel

It is alleged she lit a fire under a bed in the room she had been sharing with two children on Sunday morning.

More than 160 people were evacuated as fire took hold in the 11-storey Pacific Hotel. No-one was injured.

It came as Australia confirmed two cases of the new coronavirus variant which is prompting new restrictions.

Omicron was first reported by South Africa, and has been classified as "of concern" by the World Health Organization (WHO) with early evidence suggesting a higher re-infection risk.

Teen Charged With Attempted Murder

The five were involved in a fight in May over a damaged canoe at Keloti village, Timonai, Pobuma LLG.

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the five suspects were armed with bush knives when they attacked a 47-year-old man.

While he was admitted at the hospital, the suspects burned his house down.

All from Keloti village, the suspects’ ages range between 16 and 25.

Five arrested for attempted murder

Manus provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said a fight started on May 3rd between two parties over a damaged canoe at Keloti village, Timonai, Pobuma LLG.

During the confrontation, a 47-year-old man was stabbed with a bush knife and bayonet.

The victim suffered injuries on his right shoulder, abdomen and left leg, where he was rushed by boat to the Lorengau General Hospital.

PPC Yapu said while he was admitted at the hospital, the suspects burned his house down.

Two arrested in Solomons over torching of govt buildings

The two men were arrested on Friday after the buildings in Tigoa were burned down last month.

The men have been flown to Honiara as the investigation continues.

In a statement police said the arson may have been linked to the election of the provincial premier in July.


Village torched in Solomons arson attack

The police said more than 30 people were involved in looting and torching the houses at Taravo Village on Sunday in the Titige area west of the capital, Honiara.

The perpatrators are believed to have been retaliating after one of their own people was attacked and wounded the day before.

Armed with knives and stones, they attacked in the early hours of Sunday morning cutting down trees and crops, killing animals, looting and setting fires.

Taravo's 50 residents escaped into the bush to seek shelter.

Kilakila secondary student to appear in court

The Waigani Committal Court was told the accused was taken in for his record of interview today with police. He was to appear in court today.

The 20-year-old from Goilala was arrested and charged with arson.

It is alleged the grade 12 student set alight a double-storey classroom on Friday 10 August after being disciplined.

More than 200 students lost their homerooms to the fire.

(Loop filepic of the burnt building)

Gr 12 student arrested over classroom burning

Kilakila secondary has a population of over 1,000 students.

It is one of the oldest schools in the city which saw some classrooms rehabilitated in the past two years at a cost of K1 million, by the office of the Moresby South MP and NCD Governor.

One of those classrooms, a double-storey building, was razed last Friday afternoon, allegedly by a student who was not happy about being disciplined.

Badili Police Station Commander, Bill Werake, said the student (name withheld) was picked up on Tuesday afternoon while he was in class.

Couple to stand trial over police station fire

Agnes Jimu and her husband Charles Andrew Epei are facing charges of arson, stealing and conspiring to defraud the state.

The Waigani Committal Court today ruled it had prima facie or sufficient evidence to put their case to the National Court to stand trial.

Magistrate Mekeo Gauli ordered their committal after they chose to remain silent in relation to their section 96 statement, after he gave his ruling on the sufficiency of evidence.