Wok painim bilong trabel man

Polis ripot i tok olsem long Fonde Janueri 2, namel long 11 klok na 12 klok belo taim, ol stilman wantaim gan na naif i bin brukim bikpela stua long Gerehu Mart we ol i bin sutim wanpela wokman bilong stua long nek bilong em. Dispela man em ol i tok, i bilong kantri Bangladesh.

Polis ripot i tok olsem ol i bin karim dispela man i go hariap long wanpela praivet haus sik tasol em i bin dai.

Ol gat husat i bin sanap long lukautim stua i bin pait wantaim ol stilman bihain long dispela birua i kamap, na ol i bin holim pasim tupela bilong ol.  

Probe underway on alleged escape of robbery suspect

Several armed criminals stormed into the mini mart on Thursday between 11am and 12pm, where they allegedly stabbed a Bangladeshi in the neck. According to police reports, the Asian man succumbed to his injuries after he was rushed to a private hospital.

Guards manning the premises retaliated after the stabbing incident and managed to apprehend two of the suspects.

Drainage system needs fixing: Residents

With the heavy downpour, most yards are waterlogged, posing a health and safety risk for families.

Gerehu stage 1 gets inundated every time there is a heavy downpour.

It has been that way the past four years, since the Gerehu to Nine-Mile road was constructed.

Ten families living there are blaming NCDC and contractors for the poor drainage system that was left after the completion of the road.

They are now calling on NCD Governor Powes Parkop to relocate them, as they believe it is no longer safe.

Oldest shopping mall goes up in flames

Papindo shopping mall and the Bismillah wholesale went up in flames, losing both supermarket and department store goods worth hundreds and thousands of kina.

According to Bismillah security guard, Steven Nori, who was on night duty, the fire started at midnight from Bismillah’s recently built workshop.

Nori said he noticed smoke from inside the workshop and alerted 5 of his other colleagues who were also on duty at the other Bismillah’s chain of shops within the same premises.

Madang showcase cultural activities

The event was organised by the students of University of Papua New Guinea.

It was a great day for families to catch up, speak their mother tongue, see the traditional dances they often don’t and enjoy the overall cultural vibe of their province of origin.

Showcasing their cultural identities through dances and traditional quests, the people of Madang were once again reminded to always keep their culture strong, and not allow too much of their tradication roots be taken away by modernisation and technology.

New fuel facility in NCD

The service station at Gerehu is part of the Bismillah group of companies, which has now dominated shops in the Moresby North-West electorate, after buying off what used to be the TST shop.  

Amin Rahman of Bangladesh origin is a naturalised citizen who started his business 21 years ago.

His business has now flourished into the Bismillah Group of Companies, a multi-million Kina company which has ventured into various businesses.

Its latest facility, a service station, was opened last week by NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Housing Minister John Kaupa.

Illegal roadblock, police officers to be disciplined

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, had issued a directive against the unauthorised setting up of roadblocks. However, 7 police officers from Gerehu disobeyed the directive during the Easter long weekend.

“Members of the public complained to me saying ‘police got money from us but never gave us the receipt’.

“So we went there and caught them.”

Upon questioning, N’Dranou said they found out that the officers themselves had decided to set up the roadblock.

​CPL addresses Gerehu fire

The company, in a statement, said CPL home-grown retailer of 30 years, City Pharmacy, sadly lost their head office and warehouse in a fire at Uduka St, Gerehu. No one was harmed in the blaze, which began around 10pm on Sunday evening.

CPL Managing Director Joe Barberis said: “The CPL teams are already working hard on minimising the impact on customers and trade. 

“We appreciate the many messages of support from the community and our business partners and will keep all stakeholders informed as we progress.”

Nothing stolen from shop: Police

Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi confirmed that the incident did occur but said they did not harm, rob or steal anything as police intervened quickly and the men made a run for it.

An unhappy Turi says, there were posts all over social network implying that the situation had gone out of control causing panic to some but there was no such.

“People should not post unnecessarily on facebook and scare others and that those reading shouldn’t believe everything they read or see on facebook.”

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