Alleviate Inc.

Youths Graduate in Financial Literacy

The organization is rooted in Christian values and is inspired by the Parable of the Great Banquet.

Alleviate Inc. empowers individuals spiritually and economically through Bible studies, financial literacy programs, and workshops such as the "Art of Preaching."

They also distribute essential supplies and meals, serving 25,000 people annually across multiple locations in Port Moresby.

Alleviate Inc. plans to expand its initiatives in the future, including adult literacy programs, healthcare services, and the establishment of an orphanage and school.

New Faith Preschool Offers Hope

The school provides free early childhood education to orphans and victims of sorcery, and sexual and physical abuse. The school's goal is to provide equal learning opportunities to all children, regardless of their background. 

According to Daniel Walo, Alleviate Inc.'s Special Projects Manager, the school was established to provide education to disadvantaged children. The school has qualified teachers who teach children aged 5-7 how to read and write. The project has started with more than fifty innocent children who are already on their path to a brighter future.