An inclusive future in education

For Kiak Guande and Moses Tekei, both currently undergoing Australia Awards Graduate Certificate in Disability Inclusion short course, being inclusive is of paramount importance at their institutions.

Guande is a midwife by profession, working as a clinical supervisor with Lutheran School of Nursing in Madang, assessing and supervising midwifery students during clinical placements.

She explains that the job their graduates will do requires the gap in disability inclusion at institutions be addressed.

Fraudulent teachers identified

Morobe’s senior school inspector basic education, Kwinda Trenian, said “fraudulent teachers” are those individuals who have not met the basic requirement but were allowed to become teachers.

Trenian stated that Morobe’s school inspectors have so far identified 32 individuals; 19 are college graduates while 13 are substitute level officers.

ICAC To Focus On Education

Interim chairman of ICAC, Thomas Eluh said they will be vigorously driving particularly in Education.

“We would like to target the younger generation in schools. To educate them about the evils of corruption with the hope of winning their hearts and minds at an early age so they can become better citizens and advocators.

Minister calls for extra classes for students

“Schools must prepare the students well before the examinations in two weeks’ time,” stated Minister Joseph Yopyyopy.

“Directions were issued for schools to return to normal on 9 June 2020. Consequently, the Secretary issued administrative instructions to all schools under the National Education System on the resumption of classes, revised term dates and national examination dates.

“This meant that all programmed and timetabled teaching and learning activities per day and per week were to have been covered every week from Monday to Friday starting on June 9.

Central province prioritizes quality Education


He took the opportunity to talk about his government’s objectives during the recent launch of the ALESCO payroll system for the Central Province Education at the provincial headquarters in Konedobu on Friday 26th June, 2020.

Since he took office in August 2017, Governor Agarobe has put together interventions to use limited resources to embrace and complement shift in national education policies. He says this is to achieve optimum impact.

Education dept to address overcrowding

With schools to resume next week on the 4th of May, Education Minister Joseph Yopyyopy says his office is still looking into possibilities of safe teaching.

He said schools can have two classes per day with one batch to start from 8 – 1 o’clock and the other from 2 o’clock till the end of the day.

“This is what we face in the urban schools, schools in Port Moresby, Lae, Rabaul, Mt. Hagen. Those main centers that you have overcrowding of students in one class, we are working on that.

Teachers to access payslips online

Minister for Education, Joseph Yopyyopy, has recently launched the new application called “MyPAYSLIP”.

The launching of the web application took place at the PNG Education Institute Hall in the National Capital District.

When launching the web application, Education Minister Yopyyopy said the Department of Education in collaboration with the Finance Department has improved access to payslips for teachers and education officers with the development of a web based application to produce teachers and education public servants’ payslips.

PM speaks of quality education

However, with free education, one must speak about the quality of education for those children who are in school.

These were the remarks of Prime Minister James Marape when addressing the nation recently.

He admitted that challenges as a nation in the education sector remain.

He further said: “When providing healthcare to the 8 million citizens of this country, we must not just talk about basic health care but specialist health care, where basic healthcare also entails the quality aspect.

Gazelle electorate prioritises education

This year, a K250,000 subsidy was set aside by the local Gazelle MP and Police Minister Jelta Wong for tertiary students around the country.

However, payments to the various selected institutions have been delayed this year due to the rollout of the Government’s new accounting system - the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), which promotes transparency and accountability.

New textbooks, teachers’ manuals developed

This is possible under the Quality for Improving Science and Mathematics Education Project.

These textbooks are developed in line with the country’s new Standards-Based Curriculum and apply the concept of problem solving approach and enhancing students’ critical thinking to enable them to discover ideas by themselves.

These new textbooks and teachers’ manuals are expected to be distributed to all schools across the country in 2020.