NRI Highlights Education Restrictions In Momase

However, factors that contribute to the deteriorating state of quality education continue to persist in the Momase region.

The National Research Institute (NRI) Spotlight Volume 15, Issue 5: “Challenges that schools face in the delivery of quality basic education in Momase region” authored by PNG NRI Senior Research Fellow, Dr Kilala Devette-Chee provides insight into factors that restrict the delivery of quality education.

Themed Week Program Educates 6000 Students

The themed week programs are the biggest activities for the Park’s Education program, seeing thousands of students visit the Park every week to learn about various environmental topics.

The most recent program, ‘Environment & Me’ focused on plastic pollution and saw students from as far as the Motuan coastline participate. 

New school for Nawaeb

The establishment of Saonu Primary School, stemmed from a K500,000 funding allocation back in 2021.

The project includes to new double classroom, two teacher’s houses, water project and site fencing. The rest of the school infrastructure is being established, and is expected to be completed before the 2023 Academic Year opens to take its first batch of students.

The school will be feeder school to Nawaeb Lutheran High School and Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School.

Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu is sure the school will attract more government services to the area.

Interschool Exhibition Starts

As anticipated, 15 secondary-level schools within Morobe Province brought their best arts, craft and food dishes out for judging starting this morning.

Grant Marika, from the Malahang Technical Secondary School, was among the group of students who engaged with participants at the event, explaining the process and materials used to create a giant snake that can be used as a lawn ornament.

Marika, who is from the mechanical department, said it took them two weeks to complete the unbelievably realistic snake that was made out of tyres.

Students Flee Home In Search Of School

Learning for the students has been disrupted due to the continuous fight between the Hetwara gang and Gwarawon Resistance Group in Rai Coast`s  Nankina Valley, Madang Province.

Police officers who are on the ground in Tibu Village, said some students left for Saidor, others for Madang town, and Lae, Morobe Province. Police say their parents are concerned about their future and made the decision to send their children away with relatives so that they can continue learning, undisrupted.

PwC promotes gender appreciation in high schools

Senisim Pasin is a campaign built around a film of the same name and tailored around the advocacy against Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Sorcery Related Accusation Violence (SARV). The program includes the film screening then open dialogue of the issues surrounding GBV and SARV such as Communication and Gender Appreciation and most importantly discussing solutions in the fight against violence.

Kimbe Elementary Teachers College opens

While there, they also officiated in cutting the ribbon for the new West New Britain Elementary Teachers College.

The opening up of the AOG Church’s Kimbe Elementary Teachers Training College took place on Friday 18th March, 2022.

Counsellor Barclay in her remarks said that education is seen as the future for PNG and the place where PNG’s future leaders were and are made. She said she holds a special interest for teachers colleges in PNG as her mother was there in 1967 as a teacher and worked and she herself was born in East New Britain.

Lae Teachers Threatened

Staff at Lae’s Flexible Open and Distance Education office are being threatened by frustrated former students and their parents.

Students who graduated from the Lae Community College since 2018 are yet to receive their Grade 10 and 12 certificates.

Head teacher, Cephas Malum, said despite their numerous emails, calls and visits to the Flexible Open and Distance Education headquarters at Waigani, the certificates of students from 2018 to 2021 are yet to be sent to Lae.

An inclusive future in education

For Kiak Guande and Moses Tekei, both currently undergoing Australia Awards Graduate Certificate in Disability Inclusion short course, being inclusive is of paramount importance at their institutions.

Guande is a midwife by profession, working as a clinical supervisor with Lutheran School of Nursing in Madang, assessing and supervising midwifery students during clinical placements.

She explains that the job their graduates will do requires the gap in disability inclusion at institutions be addressed.

Fraudulent teachers identified

Morobe’s senior school inspector basic education, Kwinda Trenian, said “fraudulent teachers” are those individuals who have not met the basic requirement but were allowed to become teachers.

Trenian stated that Morobe’s school inspectors have so far identified 32 individuals; 19 are college graduates while 13 are substitute level officers.