Improving education access in Bougainville

The program is an eight-year investment by the Australian Government, aimed at improving teaching and learning practices in Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

The launch of PIE was celebrated by students, teachers, parents, and community members at Hahela Elementary School, located outside of Buka Town.

Rumet: New school facility timely

He said the high enrolment has placed a lot of strain on schools to make spaces available to take in extra students; and schools are struggling with infrastructure to cater for these influx.

MP Rumet highlighted this when witnessing the opening of a new classroom and launching of the 1-6-6 Primary Education Stricture in Volavolo Primary School, Balanataman LLG in Rabaul yesterday.

Schools need to adhere: Official

Assistant secretary of early childhood education, Michael Mera, outlined that upon request by the Provincial Education Board (PEB), a school inspector will visit the proposed institution to see whether it has complied with the minimum operating standard.

Some of the factors that will be taken into consideration include infrastructure, the general environment, catchment areas and teachers.

The inspector then presents the report to the PEB, who will make a provincial recommendation to the general education division within the education department.

Addressing man power needs, seminar

PNG NRI Director, Dr Osborne Sanida says there is a problem in the labor market due to the mismatch between labor supply and the demand. 

He explained that the labour supply is what comes out of the training and education system, whilst the demand refers to employers. He said demand is limited, whilst supply is never ending in society. 

Dr Sanida says, “From a policy perspective, the government has the free education policy. Which is very good in terms of how we can increase the literacy for our country.”

Mirisim focuses on education for Telefomin

In his last two terms in parliament most of his emphasis has been on education with Telefomin DDA prioritizing education from the elementary level right through to the tertiary level.
“Telefomin District continues to provide formal education to 134 Elementary School and 42 Primary Schools. We have a New Junior High School in Namea LLG and there a plans in place to build a new Junior High School in Yapsie LLG in this term of parliament.

Learning to read creates way forward for Chris

Last year, Chris learned to read Tok Pisin when he attended an adult literacy training conducted by the Baptist Union PNG (BUPNG) in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province.

Chris hails from Markham in Morobe Province. He didn't have any financial support so he was unable to pursue an education. Despite that, he participated in community activities, attended church and was a youth leader. It was through these activities that Chris attended the adult literacy course.

Governor clarifies tuition fees

“Ol bai baim displa skul fi go lo akaunt blo ol displa skuls,” he said. (They will deposit the fees in the respective schools’ accounts.)

“Nesenol Gavman em committed lo mekim, na ol stat peim K300 million go pinis. (The National Government has made the commitment, and has already started by paying K300 million.)

Ol board of management tasol mas sekim akaunt blo ol lo make sure displa mani kam insait o nogat. (Schools’ board of management need to check their accounts to confirm whether the money is there.)

What is ChatGPT and why are schools and universities so worried about students using AI to cheat?

Generative AI ChatGPT offers endless opportunities to seek an answer to any question you've ever had, but its creation has also been met with concern.

A Queensland Department of Education spokesperson said it had blocked ChatGPT for students on the department's network until it could be fully "assessed for appropriateness".

Queensland joins NSW in banning the app in public schools. Victoria has ruled out blocking ChatGPT.

Education Minister warns schools

The Department of Education emphasizes that no school fees or project fees are to be charged by schools in the national education system in 2023.

Following the Education Minister’s policy statement made in Parliament regarding the government’s Tuition Fee Policy for 2023, Minister Jimmy Uguro held a press conference in Port Moresby to clarify the details on Thursday 19 January 2023.

Education needs more funding: Officer

The province budgets for K300,000 annually however, that is also insufficient.Morobe’s provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, highlighted that the province needs over K300 million to effectively conduct activities in the education sector.

The province is massive, with 1,427 schools, over 2,600,000 students and 3,656 teachers.Tangui said in line with the 3-6-6 structure, schools need more infrastructure.

“We need money to erect infrastructure, put more desks in, buy more curriculum books,” Tangui outlined.