District funds must be used for capacity building in schools

Kuman confirmed that an Open Member receives K10m for the district and 20 percent of that goes to education.

He said therefore every Member of Parliament (MP) has the responsibility to build the capacity of schools in their districts.

“The Government pays for school fees under the Tuition Free Fee Policy and we make sure that teaching and learning materials are at the schools.

“We make sure that the teachers are trained properly and are at school, that’s our responsibility,” Kuman said.

Porebada Primary in need of teachers’ houses and classrooms

The school is located within Porebada Village in the Kairuku Hiri District and has a population of more than 1000 students which includes the elementary school.

The village has a population of over 10,000 people and this has seen an increase of students every year.

The school started in the 1950s and is now a level six standard with 24 teachers, and is a feeder school to Redscar High School. 

Deputy Head Teacher Kute Nokae revealed that the school only has 15 teachers’ houses with nine teachers accommodated by the village.

Govt placed additional 1 mil children in school: PM

This was the message from Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during the ‘2017 Prime Minister’s Back-to-Business Breakfast’ last week.

He said they achieved this by investing over K3.5 billion in direct funding to schools through the Tuition Fee Free education program.

“Today, we have two million children in school – close to half of them are girls,” said the PM.

“We know there have been problems in getting so many children into school in a short period of time.

“This has meant more children are in each class, and student to teacher ratios have increased.

Sharon tells of her first trip overseas

This proved true for Sharon Atuai, a young lass from Goilala, Central Province.

Sharon is a second year student at the University of Papua New Guinea,  and will be doing her third year in April - Bachelor in Economics.

Growing up in Laloki, a few kilometres outside Port Moresby along the Hiritano Highway, she struggled with the influence of settlement peer pressure and overcoming the psychological impact of divorced parents at a young age.

Her parents separated in 2004 when she was in grade two, leaving her to grow up with her mother.

PNG will continue to face teacher shortage

According to TSC chairman Baran Sori, this is because approved teacher training institutions are not graduating enough teachers to be allocated to all the schools in the country.

“Similarly, some teachers retire while others resigned and abscond from teaching.

“The Commission also noted that there are teachers who choose to make themselves become unemployed because they do not want to take up teaching in rural/remote schools, while others just do not want to leave their home provinces to go and teach in other provinces that need teachers most.”

Prepare your child for school life

And it is January of the new year, slowly winding down; when February comes, you know you should let them go. In the end, you know it’s part of life and you have gone through this yourself.

Loop Lifestyle has put together a few tips from Parents magazine to help you prepare your child for his or her first day of school.

Here are four little lessons kids need before starting school:

Before your child starts pre-school or kindergarten, be sure he's schooled in these basics.

1.Bathroom Skills 101

Churches thanked for their contribution to development

The PNG Council of Churches has seven main line churches and 16 affiliated bodies.

Minister for National Planning Charles Abel thanks all the churches on behalf of the Government as the churches represent the number one partner for Government particularly in education and health.

Abel stressed that the Government relies heavily on churches through education and health which is a fantastic partnership and they’re working to improve this engagement.

Women challenged to pursue further studies

2016 Westpac Women Award winner and an Information Technology manager, Bosa Togs, is encouraging women who are contemplating on further studying to pursue it.

Togs said it’s not too late even if you’re already married and have children because we will never be done with learning till the day we stop breathing.

“Attaining your master’s or degree qualification does not make you a master of your trade but it is a beginning of a journey to master through continuous learning every day.

Maru pushing the bar for development in his electorate

Maru who is also the Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister said education is the key ingredient of change.    

Under his chairmanship, the Yangoru Saussia District Development Authority have been allocating K3 million annually into the education sector.

He was speaking at the opening of a double -storey, four- in-one classroom at Saint Vincent Primary School in Koro Village, West Yangoru LLG. 

The classroom was built at a cost of K150,000.

Maru’s drive for education in Yangoru taking shape

The district has four local level government wards, Numbo, Sausso, East Yangoru and West Yangoru.

Under the chairmanship of first term MP and Minister for Trade Commerce and Industry Yangoru Saussia District Development Authority had invested heavily in the primary school infrastructures in the 30 registered Schools.

Sausso LLG has recorded a total of 9 projects, Numbo 4, West Yangoru 5 projects and East Yangoru LLG 5 projects.

The projects involved double-story classrooms, library and teachers houses.