Don Polye

Money worth spending

"The Games will cost quite a fair bit of money but I think it’s a money well spent,” the minister said.

Polye confirmed that preparation for accommodation has begun. Classroom buildings are undergoing maintenance and should be ready to accommodate the athletes before the games begin.

"Those places where the games will be played, we are now beginning to commence the work of upgrading classrooms and other facilities there," said Polye. 

DHERST plans to invest in Starlink

In his speech to Minister Huai Jinpeng last week, Polye said his agenda for 2024 and his urge to developing countries is to invest in affordable and accessible internet access.

Tertiary studies expensive, parents told to prepare well

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Don Polye warned parents that higher learning is costly and parents should not rely on the government to help them every year.

In deliberating on the support provided to the education sector by the government including the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme or TESAS, DHERST authorities are concerned that many parents do not prepare well to fund their children’s school fees at tertiary institutions.

Polye confident in AI

Polye is looking towards leading the country’s Education in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Minister Polye was the guest of honour speaking on behalf of all developing countries at the two-day World Digital Education Conference in Shanghai, China.

He recapped various points he discussed with world leaders, including Artificial Intelligence for schools and Digital Ethics.

Enhancing Higher Education in 2024

Minister for DHERST, Don Polye apart from his announcement of bringing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the PNG education, confirmed international engagement, application of HELP, and the research budget enhancement for 2024.

Minister Polye emphasized that this year, DHERST will remain steadfast in its collaboration with the Government of Australia and the People's Republic of China.

Marape highlights Success of HELP

Over 35,000 students have benefitted from HELP, with a total expenditure exceeding K177 million, as of the 31st of December, 2023.

HELP is a flagship initiative of the Marape Rosso government introduced in 2020 and aims to assist students facing financial constraints in paying their tertiary institution fees.

Polye warns tertiary students

Polye issued this warning after students at the University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE) burnt a car the morning in protest of some climate change programs they claimed were not accredited.

Polye in a press conference clarified that all courses in higher institutions are accredited.

“I am now cautioning universities, nursing colleges, all TVETs throughout PNG to be proactive in their management.

Igara accepts challenge

The Council which will be meeting for the first time on 29th September 2023, under the direction of Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science, Technology, and Sports, Don Polye.  

Mr. Igara was responding to the Minister during a recent press conference addressing a petition by UPNG Medical students on conditions at the Medical School.

He said the matters which were addressed by the minister, will be discussed during the council meeting.

Polye calls for mutual trust

A press conference was held this week to address grievances raised by disgruntled UPNG Medical School students in regard to a recent petition to the University.

Minister Polye told media in the press conference that the matters raised by the students regarding the quality of food and the service at the mess was a matter not worthy of a political nor secretarial level, but an administrative matter.  

However, since it was taken to the public, he addressed this at the ministerial level through a press conference.

Minister assures of TESAS payments

Minister for Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology and Sports, Don Polye gave this assurance during a media conference over the weekend.

He urged critics and people who are not clear with the information on the funding for TESAS to know that the government has agreed to pay the shortfall needed, setting a new chapter, giving credit to the government.

He said the cabinet listened with understanding to the call made by the DHERST to not overlook the essential educational program, the TESAS.