Don Polye

Polye is Kandep MP

Justice David Cannings made the declarations this morning at the Waigani National Court.

Don Polye was endorsed as the elected leader following an election petition he had filed at the Supreme Court in 2017 disputing the election results which declared Alfred Manase as the member.            

On the 20th of December 2020, the court ordered for a judicial recount of the 2017 election results.

Court declares Polye

The declaration of the judicial results was made this morning by Presiding Judge, Justice David Cannings.

Don Polye is the winning candidate of the 2017 General Elections with 22,237 votes while the runner up is Alfred Manase with 21,033 votes.

The declaration will take effect on 19th April 2021 at 3pm.


Manase requests judicial recount

Following a motion hearing this morning, the declaration results for the Judicial recount of the Kandep Open seat drags on after presiding Judge Justice David Cannings reserved his decision for this coming Thursday 15th April

On Wednesday last week, sitting member Alfred Manase filed an application disputing the results of the ordered judicial recount.

Through his submission this morning, he disputed the inclusion of three ballot boxes by the returning officer.

Court orders Returning Officer to present election results

Justice David Cannings made the ruling at 9:30 this morning after returning officer, Reverend Tom Sine failed to bring the completed report.

The Electoral Commission through its lawyer had submitted to adjourn the case as the returning officer was sick and not present in court.

Justice Cannings said the Electoral Commission failed to return the results to the National Court on three occasions and will not grant the application.  He said it was a serious matter.

Engan clans make peace before 2020

Hundreds of people gathered at Kii Paiyak’s ceremonial ground, Leptenges, to witness former Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye and his Kii Paiyak subclan assist fellow Kii subclan, Kiso, with K56,000 cash and 22 pigs in a tei (exchange of pigs and money in Enga). This is to make peace with relatives of two lives lost in a land dispute-related tribal fight between Kii and Karl clans.

The deceased are from Anjin clan in Wabag and Lyarop Aupipi clan in Kandep’s Kambia village, which is located along the border of Enga and Southern Highlands Province.

Former MP corrects misreporting

He condemned the press, in particular a daily newspaper, for the misreport on 5th July.

Polye said the National Court handed down a clear and profound decision which was to be executed by the Electoral Commissioner and its Returning Officer.

The recount of the Kandep Open seat was ordered after Justice Colin Makail, on July 4th, upheld two out of eight alleged breaches in the election petition.

Polye calls for peace

His statement follows the National Court ruling in Waigani for a recount of the Kandep Open Seat.

The decision was delivered by Justice Colin Makail on July 4th.

A huge crowd had also turned up outside the Waigani Court House in anticipation of the outcome, with jubilant scenes after the recount order.

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Student allegedly burns down classroom

About 200 students from Kila Kila Secondary School are now left without a classroom after it was allegedly set alight this afternoon.


Kandep trial next Monday

The petition trial over the Kandep open seat, filed by former MP, Don Polye will start next week Monday.

Polye assures peace for Kandep trial

The National Court has directed that the petition be heard in Wabag from April 20 to May 25.

That trial will be heard in Wabag if the petition gets past the competency stage of the case.

Motions challenging the competency of the petition will be heard on April 3 at the Waigani National Court.

“We hope that in the trial, the right things will happen. The judiciary will perform, security will be provided and other party will aim to do what is right.

"I can give that assurance but it depends on all other parties,” Polye said outside court in Waigani.

Court: Kandep leaders must take responsibility

Court of Disputed Returns administration judge, Justice Collin Makail, said the two leaders will have to take responsibility and tell their people and supporters to respect the court process and the election petition in court.

He made the comments when fixing the venue for the election petition trial.

Suggestions were made by Polye’s lawyer to have the trial heard in either Mt Hagen or Mendi due to security reasons however, the judge said there is the National Court facility in Wabag that can be utilised.