Don Polye

Non-payment to UN ‘another sign’ of economic crisis

Opposition Leader Don Polye said this following a suspension of Papua New Guinea’s voting right in the UNO, due to non-payment of its membership fee of US$180,000 (K571,000).

Polye claimed the suspension culminated with the country’s overseas missions being at the brink of closure associated with the same.

“The government pays more than K300 million as membership fees to similar other international organisations. I will not be surprised to see them facing the same issue in the months ahead,” Polye said.

Polye calls out Awesa

Following Minister Francis Awesa’s statement slamming him for misleading his Kandep people on road projects, Polye has denied playing politics with road infrastructure in his district.

Polye reiterated that the writing was on the wall, saying projects worth more than K150 million for his district were denied of when he was sacked as the Treasury Minister in March 2013.

Polye: Citizens must speak out

While speaking at Wagan Lahu village, Morobe Province, Opposition Leader Don Polye said though our forefathers set this nation on a path to prosperity, young leaders of today have steered this nation away from its intended destination.

“There’s no doubt that we are sinking fast by the day and the signs and symptoms are obvious,” Polye stated at the Nawaeb electorate.

“The country’s elite population, including the general public, must not turn a blind eye on the corruption within the system of governance and pretend that all is well.

THE Party will endorse candidates with integrity: Polye

That is the undertaking from THE Party Parliamentary and Opposition Leader, Don Polye.

Polye said the party is looking for candidates with such qualities as these, are qualities lacking in the current government.

Also parties in the Opposition will not endorse candidates to contest seats occupied by Members in Opposition benches.

Polye said, all coalition partners in the Opposition have an understanding not to oppose each other especially in certain seats now occupied by members of political parties now in the Opposition.


Polye: Why political stability, it’s been abused and misused

Polye issued the warning while commenting on leaders including the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill calling for political stability.

“I would like our people to understand it. Stability must be conditional. When you have got a poor, rogue leadership running the affairs of the country, political stability is dangerous for our country.

Ganim calls on Polye to stop misleading people

Ganim made the call today after allegations by Polye that he (Ganim) allegedly assault a young lawyer Laken Lepatu Agilo in Wabag last Thursday.

Ganim told Loop PNG that the allegations by Polye were not true and being politicised.

He said Agilo was doing awareness but saying things defamatory against the current Government.

“As the mandated leader, I walked over to the young lawyer and told him to stop and referred him to the police.

“I did not even assaulted him as claimed by Polye,” Ganim said.

Works Minister blasts Polye over misleading information

Awesa said Polye should not play politics with road infrastructure, as it is the O’Neill Government that has delivered more and better roads than any Government in the past, including in the Kandep district.

“Regardless of the Member’s false and hollow claims, there is a substantial National Government road sealing program underway in Kandep, as there is around the nation.

"Our Government has been undertaking one of the most intensive road building and rehabilitations programs in our history.

Opposition Leader expresses sorrow at passing of Sir Michael Ogio

Government House confirmed the passing of Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio late on Saturday afternoon in an official statement. The statement said Sir Michael passed away at his State house residents at about 4.30pm.

“It saddens me, that late Sir Michael Ogio passed away while in the office. The late Sir Michael Ogio is the second Governor General to die in office.

PNG has lost a humble and a dedicated Governor-General who has quietly served the country.

Polye calls on O’Neill to tell the truth on cash flow issue

Polye made the call today at a media conference in Port Moresby. He said the recent acquisition of the controversial land deal by two senior ministers and other departmental heads have proven that the country was not financially broke.

"How could you say the country is facing cash flow problem when millions of Kina have been used by ministers in  illegal and corrupt ways?" Polye asked.

He said O'Neill must be transparent in decisions and not 'passing buck' to ministers.

Landowners seek answers from Opposition

The landowners met with the Opposition on Thursday and raised their concerns.

Landowner and Chairman of the Gabadi village pressure group, John Ovia asked the Opposition to step in, to help reclaim the land which Defence Minister, Fabian Pok and State Enterprise Minister, William Duma are both being implicated.

The land in question is portion 406, 411, 415, 422, 423 and 154.

Ovia and fellow landowners have called on outsiders involved in the land deal to free up their land.