University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG)

UPNG Central Students Moale Night

Agarobe presented a cheque of K516,000 to assist in school fee subsidy for the next school semester.

The Moale night gave the chance to other associations like Rigo, Motu Koitabu, Abau, Goilala and Kairuku a chance to raise funds through the meet.

According to Central Students Union President, Josh Kupu, said the aim of the event was to attract community support and motivate more young people to participate.

“Through the support from Governor Agarobe, students are able to work hard in school and not worry about school fees.”

Research Important To Life

Vice Chancellor, Professor Frank Griffin says that research is not only important to the university but it is also imperative to existence.

He said this while receiving a K100,000 grant from the Secretariat for Science & Technology recently. Prof. Griffin said the main purpose of the research is to inform action, give evidence of theories and contribute to developing knowledge into the field of study.

He said the university needed to be in the forefront of knowledge generation at the frontier of research.

BSP Online Solution To Ease Payment Issues

Payment of school fee has been an on-going issue for all students, parents, sponsors and education institutions throughout PNG, thus BSP’s online payment solution will cover such issues and a solution to both parties to avoid visiting the branches and for an efficient reconciliation process.

UPNG’s Director of Information and Communication Technology, William Tapio said the payment method the school wants to encourage parents, guardians, sponsors and students to utilize these payment methods to achieve a seamless registration journey for both students and bursary staff.

Raising Awareness On NGE 2022

The students stressed to the people that their vote is important and has the potential to develop or destroy Papua New Guinea.

The pre-election campaign awareness took place at Tainaladera Section in Vabukori Village in the Moresby South Electorate.

Laws of the country guarantee that every individual has the right to vote freely. Eligible voters should not vote out of obligation to family or close relations, but to vote because the candidates portray and deliver good policies without bribery and the like.

Santos-UPNG Partnership Continues

The ES Division Associate Professor & Divisional Head, Dr Joseph Espi, received the books on behalf of the division, from the technical leaders and former graduates now employed by Santos. 

Double majors programs to cease

SHSS Executive Dean Professor Leo Marai at the presentation of the school’s four-year strategic operational plan to the UPNG Council recently, said there are no bylaws governing the school’s current double major programs.

“When the (double major program) came into place, there (were) no bylaws to set the platform.”

“We need to revisit that to create bylaws that can enable and set clear directions for students undertaking the program so we meet the governance issues.” 

There is no corruption, Griffin

Professor Griffin described selections as ‘strict’ and ‘controlled’.

“Everybody who has been admitted to any of our programs including the school of law, the selections have been done on merit.”

The Vice Chancellor added, “All the students whose names appeared in the papers and have been enrolled and registered in the University of Papua New Guinea, every one of them have been enrolled and registered on merit.

“So there is no corruption.”

UPNG Students To Represent PNG In Dubai

The World Tourism Expo is a global event that links the world together. It is a platform where countries from all over the world come together to promote their lifestyle, culture and traditions.

The Arts students earned their tickets to Dubai after coming out as the top contemporary creative group in the grand final of the competition towards the expo in late 2021. The team of students include musicians, dancers and actors.

The PNG Tourism Authority sponsors the team to Dubai.

Rev. Koloma Encourages UPNG

Reverend Koloma Makewin encouraged students and staff of the University of Papua New Guinea to have faith in God.

“If God is intending that you become exceptional, I encourage you not just to add up to the numbers, but to make a difference,” said Reverend Koloma.

He also challenged the students that if they are to strive for academic excellence, they must also strive for moral excellence.

The Reverend also encouraged the students to attend fellowship and faith organizations where the Bible and the Word of God is preached.

Uniforce Adjusts To Provide Conducive Service

The USG is responsible for providing personal, equipment and property security for faculty, staff, students and visitors within the UPNG Waigani and Taurama campuses.

They conduct routine security and patrol duties, are the first-line responders during emergencies who manage risks assigned within the University premises.

With the academic year to resume next month, major changes within the Uniforce Security Group has been made that includes increasing the number of manpower in the security force.