Don Polye

Polye calls for tougher penalties on senior ministers in Government

He said failure by the Prime Minister to impose tougher disciplinary actions against the two ministers goes to expose O’Neill’s failure to fight corruption among his cabinet members.

“Let me remind the PM that Papua New Guineans are intelligent and they are watching and judging every step of the government,” Polye said.

The private purchase of the land valued at K46.6 million by Kumul Consolidated Holdings b onehalf of the State on a the company in question with links to a senior cabinet minister had been the hot question in the second week of Parliament sitting.

Polye calls for transparent elections

Polye made the call when responding to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s call on politicians to let Gamato carry out his constitutional duties in handling the election.

 He said the Commissioner’s conduct so far had proved that he was not discharging his constitutional duties independently as he should have been.

Polye said he has only been guiding the Electoral Commissioner to perform his constitutional duties to deliver a free and fair election.

He said Gamato’s conduct has already started the process of rigging the election process.

Government to release IMF Report soon

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill revealed this on Monday when speaking at the inaugural National Press Club in Port Moresby.

He said the only issue which is delaying the release of the report was that the Central Bank was relating to the foreign exchange levels.

O’Neill added that the Government was satisfied with the report and will release it soon.

“We, as government has no issues whatsoever with the report and the Treasury Department will release the report.

Polye calls for clarification on Indonesian printing firm

Opposition leader Don Pomb Polye called on Gamato to reveal more facts about the ownership of the Pura Group which is responsible for the printing.

Polye claimed that there was more to the printing deal than meets the eye.

“I ask Gamato to continue to reveal who owns the PNG agent company of the ballot papers printing in Indonesia.

“I have reliable information that the agent is owned by an MP who is aligned to the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s PNC party,” said Polye.

Parliament resumes today

Prime Minister Peter O’Neil said the session will focus on the first readings of the electoral legislations to increase the nomination fees and decreasing the campaign period from eight to four weeks.

O’Neill made the announcement on Monday at the inaugural National Press Club in Port Moresby.

Other bills to be tabled include ICAC and Ombudsman, as well as others.

The parliament will then be adjourned for its last session in March and then recess for the 2017 National elections until the formation of the new government in September.

Polye blames O’Neill for Highlands Highway negligence

Polye said O’Neill should have admitted that due to the country’s cash flow crisis, the government did not intervene swiftly to remove debris blocking the road.

Polye called on O’Neill to respect much-needed contributions and efforts by the business sector to help open the highway for the public, something which his government gave blind eye to.

He made these remarks after O’Neill announced that a tougher law on people blocking highways will be imposed by the government.

Youths vow to weed out drugs and homebrew

Thousands of people who gathered in Kundiawa town last Friday made a new year resolution to eradicate drugs such as marijuana and homebrew or steam which is destroying the future generations.

The New Year resolution was done in front of Opposition Leader, Don Pomb Polye.

Polye was invited as the guest speaker by Simbu Youth Group which is working with police and the Simbu Provincial government to eradicate drugs and steam from the province.

He was welcomed by traditional dancing groups and mothers and youth groups upon arrival, prior to the actual event.

Parliament to resume on Jan 24 with crucial Bills on agenda

Parliament will be in recess for the 2017 National Elections until the formation of the new government in September.

The main Bills to be addressed during this remaining parliament session will include the increased nomination fees and the reduced campaign period.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told Parliament in August last year that the election cost is increasing yearly and the PNG Electoral Commission must find a way to help subsidise the cost.

He said increasing the nomination fees for candidates is an area the government is looking into.   

Stop hiding IMF Reports, Polye warns

Polye said hiding the report will not solve our problems but bring a bad reputation to the country.

“Because the IMF Report will be telling the truth of Papua New Guinea’s financial situation and economic conditions, the Government decided not to make public the report.”

Polye claimed the IMF report will declare PNG as in economic recession and that the government has not put in any reforms or economic restructure and adjustment and the calamity they have brought up on the people.

Opposition’s DSIP funds allegedly used as salaries

Their funds have allegedly been withdrawn into the consolidated revenue to pay salaries. And Polye has warned legal action of the alleged instruction from Peter O’Neill.

“I would like to call on the Prime Minister, the Minister for Finance, the Minister for Treasury and the Minister for National Planning to become sane. I think they are insane,” said Polye.