Southern Highlands Province

EC explains SHP ballot boxes

The boxes are currently being held at the Mendi Police Station in Southern Highlands Province, along with additional non-sensitive election materials.

Commissioner Sinai said, “I confirm that on 22 June 2022, I instructed that the PNGEC logistics convoy redirect two containers of empty metal ballot boxes from Southern Highlands to Hela and Enga Provinces for the following reasons:

SHP Communities Launch Growth Plans

The plans were launched, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), to assist communities in strengthening and sustaining local capacities for peace as well promoting sustainable development.

“This plan is the first of its kind and a useful tool for the community and the provincial government in our efforts to build peace in this province,” said Ambros Arima, Local Level Government Manager for Kagua.

Everyday People PNG : Edward Matane

From that moment on, his fascination of flying and all things, aviation became a lifelong passion. As Edward Matane aka ‘Eddie’ or ‘Dude’ discovered, his passion became a vocation.
“I loved watching pilots operating aircrafts in what was then, a tough operating environment but that set the scene for my future aspirations,” Edward said.

Hela Governor Calls For Unity

During his speech at the launch of impact projects in Mendi, Undialu reminded the people of the bond their forefathers had before the two provinces split.

"Hela and Southern Highlands are always together in doing what is right for them.

"We cannot separate the people as we all share the same culture and traditions," he said.

Governor Undialu reminded the people of late Anderson Agiru's vision for the two provinces to be as sisters and not brothers.

Utame Back-To-School Games

Community leader in Utame, Julius Kimba said the games were purposely organised to empower Utame’s youths during the school holidays.

The finals of the Back to School Games were played on 20th January in Tiri Village.

Kimba said while hosting the games, they had the opportunity to educate people about choosing a good leader in the 2022 National General Elections; a leader who would bring about change to Utame’s disadvantaged.

PM in Mendi for project launch

The Prime Minister travelled to Mendi to launch major projects initiated and funded by the government.

The projects include the sealing of the long-waited Mendi-Tari Highway which was funded at a total cost of K400 million; the K300 million Mendi hospital, the Gulf- Southern Highlands Highway and the electrification projects in the province. These are some of the major developments that are changing the face of the province and the people’s mindset.

This is the first visit for the Prime Minister to Mendi.

K1 million For Siwi-Utame Road

Recently, while announcing the K2 million funding for the road for East Pangia in Ialibu-Pangia District, Governor Powi also mentioned that a funding of K1 million has been allocated to Siwi-Utame Loop Road project.

The Chairman of Utame Elites Association, Teejay Pakawi and the leaders of Utame thanked the Southern Highlands Provincial Government for making funding available for the road project.

NGOs Partner To Empower Women

Founder of Mama Halpim Mama Foundation, Ruth Undi sealed the partnership of K10, 000 for its office setup.

To witness the occasion was Kagua Erave district administration officer, Ludwig Orapawa, and more than 60 members of the Civil rights movement. Mrs Undi urged the government to empower the women because they are the backbone of the society.

Kagua Erave district was on the spotlight in Sorcery Related Accusations Violence (SARV) when four women were burnt alive and killed last month in the Aiya LLG.

Manning calls for arrests

The incident took place in Pawa-Yamo Village, Kagua District, Southern Highlands province.


“Everyone will be identified and arrested. Even if it means we have to arrest every member of a clan or tribe we will do so. This madness has got to stop. We are in the 21st century and such barbaric actions must be quickly stopped with the full force of the law,” Manning said.


He added that there are no innocent bystanders.


“Everyone who was at the scene and did nothing to stop the tortures are just as guilty as the ones who tortured the women.”

SHP Women Demand Change

The demand for change has brought about a civil rights movement in partnership with Mama Halipim Mama Foundation to prepare the Action Plan for the women of Southern Highlands Province.

The plan will shed light and support for women across the province, as funds for the women are in Court, where the National Council of Women and the Mendi Community Development office are engaged in dispute. 

The National Council of Women has a commitment to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse at the individual agency level.