Southern Highlands Province

Money worth spending

"The Games will cost quite a fair bit of money but I think it’s a money well spent,” the minister said.

Polye confirmed that preparation for accommodation has begun. Classroom buildings are undergoing maintenance and should be ready to accommodate the athletes before the games begin.

"Those places where the games will be played, we are now beginning to commence the work of upgrading classrooms and other facilities there," said Polye. 

ELCPNG candidates revealed

This is one of the main agendas for the 34th ELCPNG Synod, which is currently underway at Immanuel District in Ialibu, Southern Highlands Province.

ELCPNG nominations committee chairman, and Hagen District president, Reverend Ten Tendui, said it took them almost a year to finalise candidates to contest for these executive positions.

18 candidates were interested but following due process and election requirements, only seven candidates were eligible.

SHP announce air travel to Mendi

The objective behind the strategic initiative is to promote efficient and affordable connectivity for SHP residents and businesses with the rest of PNG, facilitating market access for local commodities, and positioning SHP as an attractive travel destination.

Since the election-related violence in 2017, Mendi Airport has been closed. Governor for Southern Highlands Province, William Powi, shared that he was grateful for announcing an advancement of the K2 million to PNG Air to commence flights to Mendi, SHP.

Mother and twin babies saved

The pregnant woman went into labour in the bushes of Bosavi in Southern Highlands Province. Little did she know, she was carrying twins and would face major complications.

A distress signal was sent to the Santos medical team who immediately dispatched a helicopter with support from the Santos aviation and operations teams.

Solar mini grid to light up Pimaga

Access to the electricity provided through this mini grid will transform the educational experience of young people and teachers at the Pimaga Vocational Education and Training (VET) centre.

“For the first time we will have access to power, to support our learning needs, provide a better environment for those students and teachers that live on campus and create a safer environment for everyone, particularly women and girls,” says Warubi Masahimu, Manager of the Pimaga VET.

MP rejects road report

He said, “My demand for an independent audit of the following projects by Construct Oceanic Ltd in SHP is non-negotiable.”

The projects he is making reference to include:

  1. Kagua Town Sealing;
  2. Mendi 4 Lane Road Sealing;
  3. Oiyarep stadium for cancelled PNG Games; Kagua Soccer stadium, Nipa Basketball courts etc not done;
  4. Mendi Airport Runway Sealing Subcontract; and 
  5. Mendi to Nipa Road Sealing

Dr Joseph had called for an audit into the failed or incomplete projects by Construct Oceanic Limited (COL).

Contractor rebuts MP’s claims on road contract

“As such, we want to disprove some incorrect and misleading information published on both social media and mainstream media by the MP for Nipa Kutubu in relation to Mendi-Nipa Road upgrading and sealing,” Mr Molumi said.

“The MP alleged that about K90 million (65%) out of the total K221 million were already paid, yet there was no sign of progress on the sealing of the 58 kilometers road.

“This information is false and not true because the total money paid to date is K65, 361 561.00 with an outstanding payment of K3, 408, 668.20.”

U.S. Gov’t, Santos power up community

In partnership with the Southern Highlands Provincial Health Authority, Santos through the Santos funded Oil Search Foundation (OSF) and USAID launched the Pimaga Rural Hospital Solar Electrification Project on March 28 at Pimaga, in Nipa Kutubu District, SHP. 

The mini grid installed through the project will now serve not only hundreds of patients seen at the clinic but will also provide power to the dozen or more clinic staff and their families who live on the health clinic compound.

Female hostage released

One female hostage has been released by the armed criminals in Mt Bosavi, Southern Highlands Province.

Deputy Commissioner of Police and Chief of Operation Dr Philip Mitna confirmed the Papua New Guinean female was released to police on Wednesday afternoon.

She (name withheld) is now with police whilst negotiation is ongoing to secure the release of the other four.

Police Commissioner David Manning reiterated that police are authorised to use full force of the law to secure the people being held, and to immobilise and apprehend the criminals.

Marape calls for peace, unity for SHP

Prime Minister James Marape made these remarks when addressing the Southern Highlands Provincial Assembly meeting in Mendi on Thursday.

Marape said he was pleased to see reconciliation between the provincial leaders, during the Provincial Assembly swearing-in of MPs; and said this would enable their people to promote and maintain peace and unity.

The Prime Minister also appealed to the leaders of the province to return home and promote vital sectors such as agriculture, health, infrastructure and education, among others.