Southern Highlands Province

Police Barracks for Kagua

Kagua Erave is known for its notoriety and when the provincial government set out its priorities, it prioritised law and order for this district.

The barracks, built at a cost of 10 million kina was opened on Wednesday.

And that’s not all, a K2 million district office complex was also opened. This building was also funded by the provincial government.

A total of K20.5 million will have been invested in this district by the provincial government by the end of this parliament term.

Cops detained over armed robbery allegations

23-year-old Pangia man, Joshua Yawijah, from Southern Highlands Province, and 46-year-old Dennis Aviupa, from Huon Gulf, Morobe, appeared from police custody at the Bomana courthouse this week.

They briefly appeared on Wednesday before Magistrate Mekeo Gauli, where their charges were read and explained to them in court before their cases were adjourned to next month.

They were arrested and charged by Police Internal Affairs Directorate on January 4 this year following investigations into their conduct after a complaint was lodged by the victim.

Marus to provide update on Western Pacific University

The university is currently under construction at Ialibu, Southern Highlands Province, on 75 hectares of land which is now being cleared before infrastructure can be built.

WPU project chairperson Fr Jan Czuba confirmed that they have negotiated with the landowners to acquire the 75 hectares of land.

2016 to 2018 will see the construction of students’ dormitories, library, students’ dining facilities, lecture buildings, teaching workshops, recreation facilities, administration building, WPU clinic, staff accommodation and staff recreation facilities.

Governors offer option for landowners

Hela Governor, Francis Potape, and Southern Highlands Governor, William Powi, said this on TVWAN’s ‘Nau’ Program last night.

Both Governors said as the duly elected leaders of their respective provinces, they could sign on behalf of the unidentified leaders given the looming deadline on December 31.

They said they will hold the unidentified landowners portion of the 4.27 per cent interest in a trust until the Government completes the vetting process.

Govt prioritises education for families in remote areas

He was speaking during the graduation of the first Grade 10 students at the newly-established Kuare High School, Southern Highlands Province, over the weekend.

“Education is a vitally important tool for our national progress and the future of country, and education must be available right around Papua New Guinea,” states the PM.

“I am proud of our children who are going to school after many did not have the opportunity in the past, and now they must continue onto the next level of their education.

“I congratulate our young men and women who are graduating year ten.

Trial date set for Bebego’s accused murderer

Billy Sapsi Pokea of Suma village, Mendi, Southern Highlands Province, was committed by the District Court on May 19, 2015. He will  stand trial next Tuesday at the National Court.

Pokea, who seemed to have aged quite quickly due to his incarceration at Bomana, today appeared in court in crutches before Justice George Manuhu for mention.

He told the court he was still sorting out his legal representation because he intends to engage a private law firm to represent him and not the Public Solicitors office.

Vegetable market depot for Imbonggu

Initiated by Imbonggu MP Francis Awesa, the plan is to establish the vegetable depot with proper cool room, storage, marketing and distribution facilities.

Walume government station has been identified as the suitable site of the depot because of its central location as well as road, electricity and other infrastructure connection.

It is ideally situated along the Western and Southern Highlands highway at the junction of Ialibu-Pangia and Mendi-Kagua-Tari roads.

Imbonggu coffee farmers seek CIC help

Their spokesman, Steven Apa said many small coffee growers in Southern Highlands Province were keen to learn best coffee growing and production practises, but no one was producing such services.

Apa cited example of many villagers are not using proper tools to prune coffee tree, but using bush knives and even axe to remove unwanted branches thereby destroying the coffee trees.

As well, he said people were using unconventional methods such and using their stone, timber and other implements to pulp cherry beans to produce parchment.

SHP’s Nupirioma-Teta road upgrading excites people

Community leader from the area, Chief More Kiyo said the upgrading was first since the road was built in 1985.

Chief Kiyo thanked Minister for Works and implementation Francis Awesa, also the Imbonggu MP for allocating K300,000 for the upgrading of the road.

He said the condition of the road had deteriorated over the years due to lack of maintenance and current upgrading was a big relief for vehicle owners and the travelling public.

K500,000 for Lumbi-Tutam Road upgrade

Community leaders Job Wanpis of Yame village and George Rope of Tutam said their people greatly appreciated the K500,000 provided by Imbonggu government to carry out maintenance work on the road.

Messrs Wanpis and Rope said since the road was built during the former Australian colonial administration, there has never been any major upgrading work undertaken. 

They said Pororo, Yame, Pape and Tutam communities greatly appreciated the current upgrading work.