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Solar mini grid to light up Pimaga

Access to the electricity provided through this mini grid will transform the educational experience of young people and teachers at the Pimaga Vocational Education and Training (VET) centre.

“For the first time we will have access to power, to support our learning needs, provide a better environment for those students and teachers that live on campus and create a safer environment for everyone, particularly women and girls,” says Warubi Masahimu, Manager of the Pimaga VET.

U.S. Gov’t, Santos power up community

In partnership with the Southern Highlands Provincial Health Authority, Santos through the Santos funded Oil Search Foundation (OSF) and USAID launched the Pimaga Rural Hospital Solar Electrification Project on March 28 at Pimaga, in Nipa Kutubu District, SHP. 

The mini grid installed through the project will now serve not only hundreds of patients seen at the clinic but will also provide power to the dozen or more clinic staff and their families who live on the health clinic compound.

Sola Pawa Dinau

The product called ‘Sola Pawa Dinau’, will provide easy access to finance rural people who need electricity.

The partners agreed to pilot the new product in Mama Bank’s Wewak branch and nine other agencies in the 10 districts of the Sepik region (East and West Sepik provinces).

According to Sun King Country Manager, Andrew Tegete, Sun King have presence in 40+ countries and have sold 13+ million of Sunking products worldwide.

Sandaun To Light Up

Unreliable power supplies affecting delivery of critical services have become the norm, with communities in the provinces suffering the most.

The United Nations Development Programme, under the EU-STREIT programme, recently visited several public institutions in Vanimo, Sandaun Province, with the aim to notify and seek consent for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems (Solar PVs).

Final evaluation on desalination project completed

The pilot project paves way for similar projects to be implemented for other atoll islands affected by the effects of climate change.

This results in the rise of sea level which is affecting the drinking water source of rural communities.

The project was launched on May 10, 2016, in Manus Province and installed on five island villages, namely Bipi, Mbuke and Whal, Nauna, Mal and Aawa islands.

Four desalination plants were installed on the islands of Mbuke and Whal, and six on Bipi Island.

Finalising five Green Climate Fund proposals

This was revealed today in a workshop aimed to develop a GCF Pipeline for transport and energy sectors.

The workshop was facilitated by the Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The five project proposals are ‘Investing in renewable energy for Port Moresby’, ‘Achieving carbon neutrality at the University of PNG’, ‘Investing in solar power in PNG major cities,’ ‘Developing and investing in a pilot geothermal plant’ and ‘Developing and investing in a pilot hydropower plant’.

Bishop launches solar rice milling technology in Lae

This project is in partnership with the National Agricultural Research Institute’s (NARI) and Trukai Rice.

Through this innovative project, NARI will partner with Trukai to pilot solar powered rice milling equipment in a select number of rice-growing communities in Morobe Province.

Trukai will assist the pilot project by supporting the development of links for rural farmers to commercial markets. The pilot is being facilitated through the Australian Government funded Incentive Fund.

TV from the sun: 'Now I am connected to the whole world'

But what's extraordinary is that his house, where he lives with his wife and two children in Mwea, central Kenya, has no access to mains electricity.

Instead, the power for Mr Gikonyo's new TV service comes directly from the sun. He is one of the early adopters of AzuriTV - a new solar-powered satellite TV service that gives his family access to 50 channels.

He says the system is already making his life easier, and has opened new doors for his farming business.

Solar Power saves mother during childbirth in SHP

The centre is run by the Evangelical Church of PNG and has been providing health services to the people of the area for many years.

But recently it required some urgent repairs. Repairs were made by the Oil Search Foundation to restore adequate water supply to the centre and provide lighting to maternity rooms to facilitate clean, safe and secure deliveries.

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Pala application refused

A five-man Supreme Court bench today refused an application filed by Attorney General Ano Pala asking the higher court to stay three proceedings in the lower courts.

New desalination project for Manus