Fuel Supply Crisis Disrupts Airline Operations

The airline regretfully informs its customers and the travelling public about the consequential challenges arising from Puma’s cessation of direct fuel supply to PNG Air.

Due to this abrupt shift, PNG Air now solely relies on Pacific Energy for reduced fuel provisions, available solely in Port Moresby. As a result, the airline can no longer access fuel in ports outside of Port Moresby, significantly affecting its operational capabilities and schedule reliability.

SHP announce air travel to Mendi

The objective behind the strategic initiative is to promote efficient and affordable connectivity for SHP residents and businesses with the rest of PNG, facilitating market access for local commodities, and positioning SHP as an attractive travel destination.

Since the election-related violence in 2017, Mendi Airport has been closed. Governor for Southern Highlands Province, William Powi, shared that he was grateful for announcing an advancement of the K2 million to PNG Air to commence flights to Mendi, SHP.

MRDC cleared to buy shares

The ICCC Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer Paulus Ain said: "PNG Air has commenced a debt restructure exercise with all its shareholders and major creditors to stabilize its financial performance and enable itself to return to profitability levels following the effects of Coronavirus and the subsequent depressed state of the domestic economy."

"The Proposed Acquisition is part of a debt restructure and relates to an agreement between PNG Air and the MRDC Entities who are existing shareholders in PNG Air.

PNG Air debt restructuring approved

This milestone approval, obtained without qualification, signals a transformative leap in the airline's trajectory.

The approved scheme empowers PNG Air to meticulously restructure its debts, a process outlined over the past 12 months. Prioritizing a sustainable business plan, the airline now gears up for a robust and secure future.

The swift effectiveness post-National Court approval highlights the expeditious nature of the proceedings.


All flights to Rabaul Suspended

This is following vandalism at Tokua airport yesterday where the terminal sustained significant damage.

PNG Air in a statement cited safety concerns as the primary reason for this indefinite suspension.

It confirmed that flights will remain suspended until PNG Air can ensure safe operations in the province.

“The decision was made in the interest of passenger safety and to address the challenging circumstances on the ground,” it stated.

PNG Air Suspends Wapenamanda Flights

The suspension, effective from 25th July 2023, will remain in place until the airline can ensure the safety and security of its operations in the area.

The decision comes after recent incidents of civil unrest in Wapenamanda, making it unsafe for PNG Air to continue its scheduled flights to the region. The indefinite suspension aims to protect the well-being of the passengers and staff.

The airline issued an apology to its valued customers and the travelling public for any inconvenience caused by this necessary measure.

PNG Air supports MOH S7

Chief Commercial Officer for PNG Air, Simon Pitt, was thrilled to announce that PNG Air will remain a sponsor for the Men of Honour Awards this season.  

‘’As a company, we are proud to continue our partnership with Digicel PNG Foundation for the second year as the official carrier for the Men Of Honour Awards. It is also very good for our employees to see the work that they do every day being translated into helping address violence in the country, and to feel a sense of pride to be part of a movement in addressing an important issue,” said Pitt. 

PNG Air continues support to Dabaris

As the official airline partner of the Dabaris Rugby Club, the airline provides flights and logistical support for the team to their games outside of Port Moresby.

PNG Air recognizes that sport plays a key role in development, and are proud to support the Central Dabaris rugby club in their endeavours to promote the sport throughout the nation.

The agreement was signed today with representation from both organisations. 

PNG Air And Nasfund Renew Partnership

Through the Fund’s Membership Discount Program (MDP), Nasfund members can now benefit from a K50 discount on one-way airfares.

PNG Air Chief Commercial Officer Simon C. Pitt said, “Since the easing of restrictions, we have noted an increase in the demand for travel within Papua New Guinea. As a nationally owned airline, it is in our best interest to make air travel more affordable and accessible.

PNG Air suspends Wapenamanda flights

PNG Air flight area being suspended indefinitely, until such time the airline can determine the safe operations of services back into the province.

Customers with existing tickets can rebook or reroute at no further cost.

Last week, Air Niugini suspended flights into Wapenamanda. 

Photos supplied to this newsroom by security forces stationed there showed that unidentified persons had spilt oil and thrown broken bottles over parts of the airport runway, making it dangerous for an aircraft to land.