Don Polye

Polye refused interim orders

The court today heard an application by lawyer representing incumbent Kandep MP, Don Polye, asking the Supreme Court to admit two ballot boxes and refuse nine from being counted. 

The two ballot boxes are from the Kanian and Kinduli polling areas and were set aside from counting by the returning officer, without any objection raised, the court was told.

​Polye to seek counting of disputed ballot boxes

John Napu this morning appeared before Justice Stephen Kassman in the Supreme Court with the reference that was filed under section 18(1) of the Constitution on July 14.

It was adjourned to next week because the court directed for the Electoral Commission to be served the documents despite the application being filed to be heard without any other parties.

Electoral Commission lawyer Alice Kimbu appeared in court but was not ready to respond today.

The case will return to court next Tuesday where Napu will ask the court to grant interim orders.

Polye on second spot – 5 more boxes to go

Kandep Returning Officer Ben Besave confirmed to Loop PNG that only five ballot boxes are remaining before they’ll do the quality checks.

After count 60 results:

  1. Alfred Manasseh (PNC) – 16,053
  2. Don Plye (THE) – 14,307
  3. Peter Mision Yaki (PP) - 5,493
  4. Jonathan Paraiya (Ind) - 4,930
  5. Timothy Rau Dulya (Ind) – 2,743

Besave said the remaining five ballot boxes will be counted today and elimination will commence tomorrow after the quality checks.

Meanwhile, counting is in recess and will resume shortly for count 61.

​Disruption of PNC rally speaks volumes: Polye

Polye said the disruption at the PNC rally for EHP Governor Julie Soso speaks volumes.  

He challenged Prime Minister Peter O’Neill not to water down people’s anger.

“It is only a representation of common public resentment our people have had against him and his government,” said Polye.

“Their resentment will be translated into votes."

Meanwhile, PM O’Neill told Loop PNG that the disturbance was caused by a few people under the influence of alcohol.

“People sat down and listened for over 45 minutes of my speech.

Stop your blame game: President

Duwabane made this call after National Alliance Party leader, Patrick Pruaitch, and Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party leader, Don Polye, started blaming each other for the fall of Somare’s regime.

Pruaitch told Loop PNG earlier that he never voted against the illegal removal of former prime minister Sir Michael Somare in 2011. He said he was the only one in the Government to vote against putting Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister.

Pruaitch added that it was Polye who was the power broker back then that caused the fall of Sir Michael.

​Polye questions Gamato’s decision

"The justification by Patilias Gamato is low and shallow,” says Opposition Leader Don Polye. 

“It is to do with their future in the next five years. He has lost his bearing to conduct a free, fair, democratic and safe election.

"I ask him to come to sense and do the right thing.”

Polye said some returning officers have clear evidences available to warrant for a change.

"Twenty-seven days is enough to make those genuine and necessary changes to ensure a trouble-free election.

​Polye: Health centres will be rehabilitated within 100 days

In a media statement, Polye made the promise when he toured the Gloucester Health Centre in West New Britain Province on Friday.

As well as improving the infrastructure, he said their wages and living conditions would be looked into.

"Our Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party wants all the districts to have a hospital each. Also all the LLGs to have a sub-health centre each whilst all wards to have a clinic or an aid post each.

“We will ensure they have specialist doctors, HEOs and nurses to serve our people better," he said.

Supplementary budget first agenda of new Parliament: Polye

Opposition leader and THE party Parliamentary leader, Don Polye said the supplementary budget will give more prominence to agriculture, tourism and human development.

Polye, who has been on the road campaigning for THE Party endorsed candidates nationwide, was speaking on Wednesday at Lucas Waka Primary School in Talasea LLG, West New Britain Province.

He outlined his budget strategies to raise much needed revenue to support the agriculture sectors which will come from;

​Polye challenges Bakani to facilitate debate

In a media conference on Monday in Port Moresby, Polye said the statement from Bakani stopping politicians to talk about the country’s economy during this election is very shocking.

He said the statement is very irresponsible from someone who is supposed to be guiding the people and the Government of PNG.

“It’s the people’s right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech to discuss such issues.

“He should encourage families and government to talk about the budget and how well our economy is going.”

​K250m for small scale farmers: Polye

Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye arrived at 10.30am today (Sunday) in Papua village of Markham district to yet another rousing welcome.

Polye travelled to the village in a chopper following the completion of his three-day campaign trail in the Eastern Highlands province.

He was there not only to endorse his candidate for Markham Open, Dr. Warima Pomuso, but to launch his election campaign as well. 

Addressing locals at the village, he assured them that he would like to see the whole valley being commercialised into an agriculture zone.