Don Polye

Venue for Kandep petition trial to be fixed

The venue will be confirmed during pre-trial conference this Wednesday at the Waigani National Court.

Polye and his lawyer suggested to the court to have the trial conducted in a court facility apart from the Enga Province, however, parties could not agree on the venue.

Due to the fights and killing by supporters during the election period, security remains a concern.

Suggested trial dates have been set in the month of May next year however that is subject to being formalised by the court.

Manase’s win challenged in court

He filed the petition challenging the election of rival Alfred Manase as Kandep MP.

Polye is alleging bribery, undue influence against Manase and illegal practices, errors and omission against the Electioral Commission in the petition.

A total of eight witnesses will be summoned by his lawyers to appear in court for the trial, on a date that is yet to be set.

Speaking to supporters outside court, he claims the election was rigged and has taken it to the Court of Disputed Returns.

He says the people of Papua New Guinea must stand up for what is far and right.

Polye hails Gov't for selling OSL shares

He said it is a step in the right direction but more economic recovery work is needed.

“As a citizen and national leader of Papua New Guinea, I feel it is appropriate for me to comment on the recent news report by Reuters regarding the PNG Government’s intention to sell the State’s stake in Oilsearch”, said Polye.

Manasseh clears air on Kandep

He said as leaders, it’s their responsibility to make sure such incidents did not happen.

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG, Manasseh said a proper channel for Polye to follow is take the matter to court instead of inciting tensions and fights that were affecting innocent lives.

He claimed that the tribal fights occurred between the supporters of Polye and the provincial administrator and had nothing to do with him or his supporters.

“We don’t need tribal fights but leadership that will bring services like basic health and education.”

Reference questioning RO powers listed for summary determination

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia during directions hearing listed the reference to go in the October Supreme Court sitting for summary determination or judgment to be entered without a full trial or hearing taking place by all parties.

It will come before court on October 31 for determination.

The reference seeks interpretation of section 50 of the Constitution (Right To Vote And Stand For Public Office) and section 153A of the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government Elections (Excluding Ballot-Box From Scrutiny) remains.

Kandep fighting: Manase, Polye’s silence deafening

Baki urged both leaders to take ownership of the conflict and condemn the fighting, which has resulted in several deaths.

He said their silence on the clashes is seen to be in support of the conflict in the Province.

“Of concern also is the fact that none of the other elected leaders, including the two named, have come out to stop the fighting,” he said.

“Mr Polye and Mr Manase should now not be talking about politics but to stop the death and destruction and finding ways to bring back peace and law and order into the province.

​Court refuses Polye’s application

Polye’s lawyer asked the Waigani National Court to issue orders for the Kandep returning officer to have certain ballot boxes counted before declaration.

Those ballot boxes were set aside during scrutiny and Polye, in a statement that was produced in court, said those boxes were not objected by either polling officials or scrutineers.

He asked the court to compel the returning officer, Ben Besawe, to comply with a direction of the Electoral Commissioner to have them all admitted for counting. This direction was later retracted by the commissioner.

VIDEO: Polye on officials

Polye in a media conference alleges that most of the report reaching the Electoral Commissioner are bias and not based on facts. 


Freddy Mou with more 

Polye alleges bias in counting

He also said the reports from the Returning officers and Election Managers to the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, are misleading.

Polye alleges there is no impartiality in the counting process for Kandep which has resulted in eight ballot boxes he claims contains votes from his stronghold, being set aside as disputed boxes.

COUNTING: Narrow lead for Polye

Manase was leading the race from the start until Polye outperformed him in the final nine boxes of Kolopa 1 and 2, Gini 1 and 2, Walupim, Teseres, Murip, Mund and Yapum rest houses, where he collected a total of more than 4,000 votes to move to the top with 16,336 votes. 

Manase finished second with 16,303 while Peter Mission and Johnathon Paraia ended in the third and 4th positions respectively.

The quality check will start today before going for exclusion.