James Marape

PM visits Goilala haus krai

He said this yesterday when visiting the haus krai of 15 people killed in the recent landslide at Saki Village in Goilala.

Nine bodies have been recovered so far.

Prime Minister Marape said he was very close to the Goilala people because Goilala MP and Transport Minister, William Samb, and Central Governor Robert Agarobe, had been instrumental in making him Prime Minister.

He further cautioned the people to consider their safety when mining for gold in areas like Saki, warning them against chopping down trees.

LIVE: Parliament Sitting | Monday, 14th December 2020

Women SME backup Marape

The women expressed that they are concerned that the K200 million committed by the government under James Marape could easily be removed by a new government.

The women are grateful to the Marape government for recognizing simple ordinary women struggling to make a living, in his introduction of the MSME loan facility.

Toroama new ABG President

In a statement, Marape said he is looking forward to working with President-elect Toroama in progressing consultations on the outcome of the recent referendum and securing long-term economic development and a lasting peace for the people of Bougainville.  

He will be meeting with President-elect Toroama in the coming weeks to discuss next steps with a view to convening a meeting of the Joint Supervisory Body to affirm our mutual commitment to peace and the way forward. 

27yo charged for issuing death threat against PM

Police Commissioner David Manning said the charge under the criminal code is very serious in nature and must not be treated lightly, given that it is a threat to kill a Prime Minister of a sovereign country.

Manning said Dominic Aki Jason, also known as Nicky Jason, has been previously arrested for armed robbery and wilful murder and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

PM tasks police to look into Jenelyn case

“Penalty provisions for domestic violence or any crime for that matter is in our laws and all we need is an effective prosecution. This starts by reporting a crime; standing as witnesses to assist prosecute a criminal, including those involved in domestic violence. Therefore, the police must conduct prosecution accurately without failing,” stated PM Marape.

PM Marape: PNC will move to Opposition

“PNC Party members continue to participate in the Government Caucus, but speak as opposition to my Government, so it is only fair that all of them are bundled into the opposition to speak fair and freely against the Government, as their Leader has been doing," the PM said in a statement released this evening.

PNC Leader, Hon. Peter O’Neill, since his dubious move on the floor of Parliament on May 30, continues to oppose Government in media, in court and in person. It is only fair that he opposes formally from the opposite benches.

PM notes delayed resource project concerns

Haiveta recently pointed out that the P'nyang negotiations have taken over 12 months with no outcome, which is a grave concern to his people.

In response, PM Marape said: “Unlike in the past where Prime Ministers and powerful parliamentarians have bulldozed through long term project agreements, where the State gives too much away in terms of revenue concessions, I choose to defer and take considered advice.”

No interference in police investigations: PM

PM Marape made this statement in light of a purported copy of Section 61 instrument being released into public domain, with some claiming Marape as a ‘player’ in this saga.

“Finance Ministers sign Section 46(b) of the IPBC Act and Section 61 of the PFM Act based on requests from State Agencies, including SOEs, and are always amongst the last in the chain of the approval process,” stated the PM.

Twinza welcomes endorsement of Pasca development

The Government is ready to commence negotiations with Twinza on the Gas Agreement in the near term, setting out the fiscal terms to allow the Project to enter the Front End Engineering and Design phase later this year.