James Marape

Kua’s service to the nation commended

"I extend my thanks to Mr Kua for being one of the nation’s longest-serving petroleum ministers, serving in this role from June 2019 until the 2022 elections. Following the elections, he took on the additional responsibility of Energy as the world undergoes a rapid transition to green energy," stated Prime Minister Marape.

“In the recent Cabinet reshuffle announced on Thursday, January 25, Mr Kua was relieved of his role as Petroleum Minister to concentrate on Energy but has chosen to resign voluntarily.”

Marape tells dropouts not to lose hope

Prime Minister James Marape in acknowledging these concerns said his government has plans to address this issue, something that’s faced year in, year out.

The Prime Minister in a media conference after the public service dedication service yesterday at the Sir John Guise Stadium stated plans to overcome the issue of spaces for students in higher education institutions.

Marape highlights Success of HELP

Over 35,000 students have benefitted from HELP, with a total expenditure exceeding K177 million, as of the 31st of December, 2023.

HELP is a flagship initiative of the Marape Rosso government introduced in 2020 and aims to assist students facing financial constraints in paying their tertiary institution fees.

Australia looks forward to Marape addressing its parliament

Australia’s Assistant Minister for Trade and Assistant Minister for Manufacturing, Tim Ayres, said this when presenting ‘The Australian Government Perspective’ at the 17th PNG Resources and Energy Investment Conference on Monday, December 11th, at the Sydney International Convention Centre.

‘Fair Go’ with Barrick

When painting PNG as an investor destination, PM Marape told attendees at the Sydney International Convention Centre that: “Those who have been investing in our country still hold ground. They have not conceded ground.

“Barrick, my favourite topic. We had a fair go at contest, all in the interest of finding the middle ground in which they win and we win.

Team PNG aims to send full team

Prime Minister James Marape announced that the government will be supporting the team with K8.5 million to send the team to the Solomon Islands this month. Marape made the announcement during Team PNG’s farewell event at the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex on Friday 10th November.

When this support comes through, it will see a full team of 514 athletes and officials line up against the rest of the Pacific in 20 of the 24 sports that are on offer.

Marape offers link to wider market

Speaking at the opening ceremony on Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Marape offered to all delegates of the forum, both international and Papua New Guinean, the links established and fostered by the government to international markets.

Prime Minister Marape told delegates of the WIBF of the potential of PNG’s natural resources. He says the national government gives its support to all and hopes that by the end of the forum, indigenous businesses in attendance are better connected and linked to their respective peers in business, not just in PNG but abroad.

Marape refutes claims

“We have invested more in the Public Investment Programme (PIP) than any other government to date. Allocating 40 per cent of the National Budget to PIP surpasses the efforts of our predecessors,” stated PM Marape.

The Prime Minister highlighted the transformation of the Highlands Highway as a prime example of their comprehensive approach to development, contrasting it with the "cut and paste" methods of the previous administration.

“The Highlands Highway, spanning from Kagamuga Airport to Nadzab Airport, has undergone a world-class rehabilitation," he emphasised.

PM Marape opens bridges in Pomio

These two bridges were the 84-metre Toto Bridge and Unung Bridge, which is about 100 metres in length. Both bridges are located within the West Pomio LLG and are about 8 kilometres apart, with Unung furthest to the border of the two LLGs of West and Central Pomio.

The PM was accompanied by National Ministers Renbo Paita, Solan Mirisim and Joe Sungi to the district headquarters to launch the bridges and the ENB Provincial Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2023-2033.

PNG needs to strengthen US relations: Treasurer

He made this statement after he and Prime Minister James Marape met with US President, Joe Biden today at the White House in Washington, DC.

“The United States economy is the largest in the world, valued at $US26,854 billion (K97,650bn) in 2023, according to the latest IMF figures.

“This is still nearly 40 percent larger than the second largest economy of China, of $ US19,373 billion (K70, 447bn).