James Marape

Parkop Commends Prime Minister

Governor Parkop, a strong advocate for the rights of the people of West Papua said it was a milestone despite PM Marape raising it in a very diplomatic and subtle way.

Prime Minister Marape told world leaders at the UNGA: “While commending the UN on the peace efforts in Papua New Guinea. I would also like to recall the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ decision in 2019 and the outstanding visit by the UN Human Rights mechanism to address the alleged human rights concerns in our neighbourhood.

Way Forward For Climate Change

He said a new concept which is currently in discussion, is something countries of bigger economies are looking into, to support the little island countries

The Paris Climate Agreement 2019, made as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change set a common goal where all the nations are to keep their carbon emissions reduced to around 1.5 degrees Celsius, from where it was during the pre-industrial era.                                                                                                                                                      

Marape claim PNG lost over $US1 billion in the UBS loan transaction

The amount is equal to more than K3.3 billion.

Prime Minister Marape announced this after giving evidence before the royal commission on Monday.

“From my records from what was directly lost and indirectly lost and the opportunity cost associated, we lost over $US1-2 billion dollars in the process of the UBS transaction,” he said.

Early during the inquiry, Managing Director of the Kumul Petroleum Holdings, Wapu Sonk revealed that that the country lost $US432 million.

Marape to visit Pogera

He announced this during a press conference late yesterday afternoon.

The Prime Minister is expected to formally handover the Framework Agreement to the landowners.

“I will inform our people on what we have secured as far as the framework agreement is concerned.”

The operations of the mine have been suspended since April 2020.

Under the new binding agreement, PNG secured a 51% stake while Barrick Niugini the developer, has a 49% stake.

Marape boasts the 51% stake is a much better deal for the landowners and the country.

Govt Ensures Fair Elections

He said this when following accusations of tempering with the electoral process that prevented leaders from taking Office and in turn affecting service delivery.

The Prime Minister backed the recommendation of the recent NIS Assessment Report on improving the Electoral process, adding that this will help people to vote in freely and fairly.

He said despite the fast passage of time and political instability, the Government will ensure that everyone’s vote is counted.

PNG to get 51% in new Porgera Deal

The State of Papua New Guinea and Barrick Niugini Limited today formally signed the Framework Agreement at Government House paving the way for a new partnership with BNL.

Under the framework agreement the ownership of the Porgera Gold Mine will be held in a new Joint Venture company with PNG to hold a 51% stake and BNL with 49%.

The Framework Agreement also sets the foundation for operations arrangements, and benefit split

Under the new deal BNL will finance the start-up of the mine and remain the operator.

Grand Chief’s final resting place

In a press conference today, Marape said the decision was not easy to make but after a lot of diligent considerations of all factors between the family, the NEC and the Funeral Working Committee, a final resolution was made. 

Prime Minister Marape told the media that it was the wishes of the people of this country and also according to a political decision, for all Prime Ministers of the country to be buried on Independence Hill.  

However it will not be so for the Father of the Nation, Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare.

EHP gets K59m for projects

He has worked with leaders of Eastern Highlands to secure K59 million for various projects in the province.

While in Goroka, he made several announcements of infrastructure projects that the National Government has transferred.

Kainantu-Aiyura Road = K4 million

Mauga-Sindari Road = - K4 million

Goroka District roads = - K4 million

Goroka Town Road = - K10 million

Goroka Town water supply =- K3 million

Lufa-Okapa Road = K4 million

Daulo-Mando Road = K5 million

Okapa-Kimi Ring Road = K4 million

Haiveta calls for proper SMLI

Governor Haiveta said this when urging Prime Minister, James Marape, to protect the interest of Papua New Guinea.

He made this call following the signing of the Fiscal Stability Agreement (FSA) between the National Government and project co-venturers of the Papua LNG Project. 

Gulf Governor, Chris Haiveta, said urged the Government to follow all processes, especially in identifying all landowners, before the Papua LNG construction begins. 

Government releases K146.7 million to Bougainville

He made the announcement at the end of a successful Joint Supervisory Body (JSB) meeting in Arawa on Friday 5th February, which he co-chaired with Bougainville President, Ishmael Toroama. 

PM Marape said such early allocation was "unprecedented" and highlighted his Government's commitment to Bougainville. 

"For us to deliver K146. 7 million early, in February, is unprecedented," he said. 

"Not too many governments of the past have done this sort of thing."