Don Polye

Ipatas move to PNC legal, says Gelu

Polye said it was unacceptable for a leader of Ipatas calibre to abandon PP and join PNC.

He also said Ipata’s nomination under the PNC banner was a ‘blunder’ and ‘illegal’ and called for the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates, Dr. Alphonse Gelu to de-register both party’s.

He further added “therefore I’m urging very strongly that Dr Gelu sets the precedence without fear or favour to start the de-registration of these two political parties.

Polye claims O’Neill uses state resources for campaign

In a media conference today, Polye alleges the the use of state resources and funds goes to assist PNC election campaigns in the context of  project launchings and openings.

Polye cited the use of the Falcon Jet, allowances to public servants and police who travel, the hiring of helicopters to and from remote areas.

“The cheques are coming out of Treasury. The cheques are coming out of finance. The cheques are coming out of the Prime Ministers Department. So I’ve got facts to prove this,” Polye said.

​Political heavyweights will be in Popondetta today

The country is into the second week of the National Election campaign period.  

O’Neill is the parliamentary leader for the ruling People’s National Congress Party, while Polye heads the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party.

Both parties are going into the election with over 90 endorsed candidates, with the aim to form the next government in July.  

PNC has 93 candidates while THE party has 90 candidates contesting for the 111 seats in Parliament.

Ijivitari MP David Arore said the prime minister will open the Popondetta Hospital theatre ward today.

​Polye failed to give instructions to lawyer

The Supreme Court application was filed by Don Polye last year, challenging the Government’s decision to acquire the K3 billion UBS loan in 2013.

The matter has been pending in court since 3 November 2016, when the high court agreed to hear the application, after the court saw that Polye had standing or the legal right to challenge the government’s decision in obtaining that loan.

However, Polye has not given any instructions to his lawyer, Loani Henao, since March this year regarding the case.

PNG Loop's 5 @ 5

NCD Regional candidate box numbers

A total of 38 candidates are contesting the NCD Regional Seat, including sitting MP Powes Parkop.

New party wants to form new government

Polye identifies enemy, draws battle line

Polye said there is no need for him to campaign in the district. 

He was speaking to his people at Kalimaga village in Enga Province on Wednesday.

He said he had a huge task to campaign for his Triumph Heritage Empowerment party's, 90 candidates endorsed to contest for the 111 seats in Parliament. 

Polye is confident his party will win the most seats and form the next government.

"You (people) are fighting a battle with the people of Ialibu-Pangia (electorate of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill)," he told a cheering crowd.

Polye calls for hijacking hot spots to be identified

He called on Commissioner, Patilius Gamato, to identify polling places which had attracted election petitions in the last three terms due to hijacking of ballot boxes and papers, and engage helicopters to transport ballot boxes.


Supporters flock to witness Polye’s nominate

Despite a last-minute notice under a bad weather, supporters flocked in numbers to join him at Kandep Station to converge to the district office.

Polye was previously in Wabag for the nomination of  THE Party endorsed candidate for the Enga Regional Seat Sandy Talita.

In a low-key ceremony Polye nominated just before 4 pm in front of the Assistant Returning Officers, Joseph Yangau, and, George Marke, at the district office.

Two other intending candidates nominated yesterday, one of which includes a female nominee.

Polye shocked at Turnbull's media snub

Speaking to journalists at the Triumph Heritage Empowerment (T.H.E) Party National Convention, Polye said it is even more shocking that this was allowed by Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill.

“If Prime Minister Turnbull is encouraging that kind of attitude, Prime Minister Turnbull needs to tell the world that he is like that.

“How can he not allow Papua New Guinea media. If he has no confidence in the Papua New Guinea media, then don’t come to Papua New Guinea,” Polye said.

THE Party convention underway

Supporters of Parliamentary Leader Don Polye have packed the Granville conference room to officially begin their campaign for the 2017 National Elections.

Polye and his Deputy Parliamentary Leader and Kikori MP, Mark Maipakai, are present at the convention, accompanied by party executives.

It is during the convention that Polye will deliver the party's policies as well as finalise its candidates’ numbers for the elections.

The convention will be held over the next two days.