Don Polye

Police must arrest MP involved: Polye

The Member of Parliament is alleged to be from an electorate within the nation’s capital.

Polye said it’s a shame when our leaders are reported to be involved in such illegal activities, harboring expatriates who over-stay their visas thus becoming agents of alleged drug trafficking and prostitution syndicates.

“If we have leaders in the country who perpetrate evil, bring expatriates into PNG to involve in alleged drug trafficking, prostitution among other illegal activities then our country is not in safe hands.”

Government influences appointment of officers: Polye

Polye claimed that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has appointed people from his own tribe and province to execute decision on self-interest and not the people.

He gave an example as to the Deputy Electoral Commissioner who is in charge of the operations in the 2017 elections was from the PM’s electorate and province.

“PM putting his own man in the Electoral Commission is not a good decision.

Polye commends Gamato for extending bio data dates

Polye in a press conference today said, although the Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato is new to the office had so far made some decisions that are of the best interest for the people of PNG.

He praised Gamato for giving candidates ample time to come up with a proper bio data before the elections.

The bio data was due on Dec 16 but now extended to next year.

However, Polye also raised concerns on the updating of the Common Rolls.

He said the timing is not right as the Common Roll update will not be completed on time.

Polye to push for settlers' relocation

Polye said he will be writing to NCD governor, Powes Parkop and Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill to have an alternative plan to help resettle the displaced residents.

Polye, who visited the displaced residents at Morata said he is saddened to see citizens of this nation mistreated in the name of development.

He said any developer must resettle the settlers before developing the land.

“Basic human rights have been abused, displacing mothers and children in the name of development,”

Proposed increased election nomination fee unfair: Opposition

Opposition Leader Don Polye in a packed media conference today said the amended OLNLLGE will limit ability of many citizens to be candidates in the 2017 elections.

Polye, supported by other affiliated party secretaries argued that the proposed amended OLNLLGE will also limit the citizen’s rights to appeal against a corrupt election.

He further reiterated that the schedule for the proposed amendment was also tight.

Opposition renewed calls on Government to amend 2017 Budget

Opposition Leader Don Polye in a statement said the alternative government proposes that a harsh taxation regime for housing allowances should be abolished.

He has described the government’s new taxation strategy for housing allowance as desperate and harsh.

“This is what I said in our Budget Reply. Taxation strategy for housing allowance is so harsh at the wrong time.

“It is a desperate action by the government to raise revenue when it has mismanaged the economy and country’s cash flow.

Polye calls for transparent distribution of wealth

Opposition Leader Don Polye made this call when senior government leaders and mining and industries gathered at the 14th Mining conference in Sydney.

He called on the mining and petroleum companies, the government and other stakeholders to consider two agendas at the three-day PNG Mining and Petroleum Investment conference in Australia.

Opposition to challenge 2017 Budget in court

The Opposition says the budget bulldozed through by the government using its numerical strength was indeed not a Bill as the figures do not correspond.

The Appropriation Bill reads as over “K21 billion kina signed by the first legislative council” whilst the Treasurer’s speech confirmed the figure to be K12.9 billion.

Opposition Leader, Don Polye who led the Opposition to storm out of the Parliament chamber in protest held a late press conference in which he said there was a major error by the government.

Opposition MPs walk out of Chamber

The Government with 75 members  bulldozed the Budget despite the Oppositions queries.

The Opposition queried that there was a typographical error in the Appropriation (general public services expenditure 2017) Bill 2016.

The debate started with Sinasina Yongumugl MP Kerenga Kua asking the Treasurer to explain the figures in the bill when he was about to do the second reading.

He said the figures in the Bill was K21 billion while the 2017 Budget is only K12.9b

Polye can challenge Govt. decision to get USB loan

A three-man Supreme Court bench consisting of Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, Justice David Cannings and Justice Stephen Kassman in a unanimous decision ruled that Polye has standing or the legal capacity to challenge the government’s decision in court through a Supreme Court application filed under section 18(1) of the Constitution.

They were of the view that Polye raised significant constitutional issues. They said he has the right to challenge the decision as he holds a public office and is a member of parliament.