School fees

Yangoru-Saussia DDA to Support Students

Member for Yangoru-Saussia Richard Maru last week announced that the Yangoru-Saussia DDA would support 450 Yangoru-Saussia students with their school fees.

Gov’t tuition fees first installment paid

This comes ahead of the start of the school year, Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro has thanked the Marape-Rosso Government for releasing the Government Tuition Funds early.

Prime Minister, James Marape presented a dummy cheque of K213.4 million to the Minister for Education during a press conference last week.

“On behalf of 1.4 million students taught by 62,822 teachers in more than 13,000 schools nationwide, I thank the Prime Minister for prioritising education by ensuring that the funds for Term one are released early to the Department,” Mr Uguro said.

K70mil for TESAS, HELP and airline tickets

The K70.7m from the government will cater for the outstanding TESAS components for 2022 second semester, 2023 first semester, HELP Loan payments and airline tickets for tertiary students.

Acting Secretary for DHERST, Dr. Francis Hualupmomi in a media statement this week advised parents, guardians, students and all registered higher learning institutions in the country that the DHESRT has received warrants of K70.7 million last Friday 20th of January 2023.

BSP extends hours for ‘Back to School’

BSP PNG Deputy General Manager- Retail-Sales and Customer Service Delivery, Peter Komon announced that the 28 selected branches will open their doors for the next five Saturdays, commencing Saturday 21st January to 18th February, 2023, from 9am to 1pm. 

Parent grateful for free education policy

Kene Aiyele comes from Pangia in Southern Highlands and is a police officer in the nation’s capital.

Aiyele thanked the government for this initiative as it has helped a lot of parents by taking a lot of financial burden off their shoulders.

Aiyele said paying for uniforms and stationery costs a lot of money.

Every year, he spends about K400 on uniforms and K300 on stationery.

“Before free education, we parents always had to dig deep into our pockets but now we are fortunate that we don’t have to pay school fees.

Last quota of 2015 TFF paid

A total of K49.6 million was paid into school's accounts last Wednesday (Jan 27) after the department held back funds allocated for term 4 last year.

The funds were held back to avoid misuse of funds as schools were already going towards the end of the 2015 academic year.

Dr Kombra says the funds released last week and any savings schools may have from previous years should be used to commence the 2016 academic year which begins this week.

He said the Department is now preparing to release about K75 million for term one for the 2016 TFF funds.

Yangoru Sausia school fee subsidies to continue

 He said eligible students whose parents live in the rural communities or whose parents are public servants working in the Yangoru Saussia District should apply for the subsidy.