WNB hailed for clean TFF record

The group, led by Deputy Secretary Titus Hatagen and other senior officials, visited schools under the TFF policy this week.

The officials visited schools around the town vicinity and the Hoskins area.

Hatagen said he was very pleased on how the TFF has been used by the schools.

He said even though funding sometimes becomes a hindrance for schools, they continue to invest in projects that aid in the children’s learning.

He added that WNB is one of the provinces that has been using the TFF accordingly to the school year calendar.

K75m TFF funding approved for schools

Education Minister Nick Kuman revealed this today in Parliament.

He said the Expenditure Committee has approved the funding last week and released the money.

“When it hits the banks, all the school accounts will be credited across the country.

“We have not failed in any year in paying the school fees in this country.”

Kuman said the Government has retired every TFF commitment in the country.

Kuman was responding to a supplementary question from Sinasina Yonguml MP Kerenga Kua during the Question Without Notice this morning.

Schools must not collect any fees: Kuman warns

Kuman was responding to Okapa MP Isaac Waigavara during the Questions without Notice today in Parliament.

Waigavara asked the Education Minister to clarify the fees that were being imposed by schools which make parents confused before the beginning of the academic year.

However, Kuman in response said the Government had advice all the headmasters and principles of all the schools across the country that no fees must be collected from the students because the government is paying for all the fees.

Last quota of 2015 TFF paid

A total of K49.6 million was paid into school's accounts last Wednesday (Jan 27) after the department held back funds allocated for term 4 last year.

The funds were held back to avoid misuse of funds as schools were already going towards the end of the 2015 academic year.

Dr Kombra says the funds released last week and any savings schools may have from previous years should be used to commence the 2016 academic year which begins this week.

He said the Department is now preparing to release about K75 million for term one for the 2016 TFF funds.