Nick Kuman

Minister queries why murder suspect had multiple identities

In a statement, Minister for Education, Nick Kuman, questioned why the suspect, known as Andy Paro from Hela Province, was posing as a teacher under different names and file numbers.

“I am directing the Department and TSC to conduct a full investigation while I consider an independent team outside the Ministry to also conduct an investigation so that we clean out the mess in our systems and processes,” said the Minister.

Too many loans from teachers affect pay, says Kuman

He made this remarks today in Parliament, while answering questions raised by Governor for Simbu, Michael Dua.

Mr Dua put the question regarding teachers’ pay cut, to the Minister responsible.

He asked the Minister for Education, Nick Kuman to simply explain why many teachers were faced with hefty pay cuts only recently.

“Many of our teachers have been experiencing pay-cuts and could not provide for their families.

“Teachers are the backbone of our nation and must be given prominence rather than cutting their pay.”

Court dismisses Dekena election petition review

A three-man Supreme Court bench heard the review on June 27 and dismissed the review today for being incompetent.

The full court found that there were additional grounds, filed in the substantive review.

Those grounds were not included in the leave stage of the review.

Justice Ambeng Kandakasi said challenging an election result is serious and the onus is on the petitioner to get the pleadings right, failure to do so has resulted in the dismissal of many good petitions.

Kuman challenges Dekena’s review in Supreme Court

The objection to competency motion was heard today by three-man Supreme Court bench.

The full court reserved its ruling to a later date but informed parties to be prepared for the substantive Supreme Court review hearing.

The Supreme Court earlier granted leave to Dekena to file his review in the Supreme Court, following the dismissal of his petition in the National Court.

10,000 teachers’ off-payroll

Minister Kuman explained that this problem arose because the teachers were late to submit their resumption forms before the school commences.

Minister Kuman said the Provincial Education offices were to be blamed for such problems for not submitting the teachers resumption forms to the National Department of Education in Port Moresby.

He said this is a chronic problem but urged the teachers to also do their part by submitting their resumption forms early.

“Teachers tend to fill in their resumption forms late which is affecting the payroll system.

Gumine petition thrown out

The petition was stopped from progressing to trial hearing at the Waigani National Court and dismissed because certain requirements were not met by Dekena when he filed the petition.

Dekena disputed Nick Kuman’s election as Gumine MP on allegations there was illegal practice at Keru village, acts of undue influence and errors and omission, illegal marking of ballot papers and the illegal declaration of Kuman by the use an illegal writ.

Kuman hails teachers

Minister for Education Nick Kuman, when celebrating with teachers during the World Teachers Day on Oct 5 in Port Moresby, said teachers are the real nation builders.  

“Teachers are the ones who educate the youth of society who, in turn, become the leaders of the next generation of people and play an important role in developing their country.

“Teachers educate the children in their most impressionable years.

VIDEO: Gumine case dismissed

The case returned to court today where a ruling was handed down by Justice Collin Makail on the two applications that lawyers representing Dekena and Kuman asked the court on August 15. 


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Gumine case dismissed

This was the Waigani National Court’s ruling today on the case surrounding the legal declaration of the Gumine seat in Simbu Province.

The case returned to court today where a ruling was handed down by Justice Collin Makail on the two applications that were moved on August 15, by lawyers representing Gumine MP, Nick Kuman, and Dawa Lucas Dekena.  

Dekena’s lawyer asked the court to restrain Kuman from attending the second parliament sitting, which is tomorrow. At the same time, Kuman’s lawyer also asked the court to dismiss the case, citing an abuse of the court process.

Court reserves ruling on Gumine case

Presiding judge, Justice Collin Makail this afternoon heard the two applications that was moved by lawyers representing Dawa Lucas Dekena and Nick Kuman.

The case returned following the restraining orders that were issued on Aug 2, stopping Kuman from making the declaration of office taking part in the election of the Speaker and Prime Minister.

However, the restraining orders were not served in time to the Speaker and Clerk of Parliament, in order for it to take effect against Kuman.

The orders were issued at 11:50am, Kuman made declaration at 12:03pm