Minister queries why murder suspect had multiple identities

The Department of Education (DoE) and the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) have been directed to investigate and find out why the suspect in Grace Gavera’s death had four different identification cards.

In a statement, Minister for Education, Nick Kuman, questioned why the suspect, known as Andy Paro from Hela Province, was posing as a teacher under different names and file numbers.

“I am directing the Department and TSC to conduct a full investigation while I consider an independent team outside the Ministry to also conduct an investigation so that we clean out the mess in our systems and processes,” said the Minister.

“Immediately, I am directing the department to establish whatever evidence they can find in relation to the identities as per the four different identification cards that Police found on the suspect and who was involved in this. Until that evidence is available we will inform everyone about what has actually happened.”

The Minister said that this is a one-off case however; further investigations into the systems and processes in the Ministry will establish whether there are similar cases as well.

“If any member of the public has any information in relation to cases like this I ask that you take it to the department and inform the Secretary’s office immediately,” the Minister said.

“As the public knows, there was widespread cheating and problems in the examination system, but under my leadership the department was able to get all these cleaned up. I can assure the public that I will take the same approach and whatever it takes I will make sure that we clean this mess in the salary section as soon as practical,” Minister Kuman said.

(Screenshot of the different IDs that was shared online)

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