LBS Retains Seat

Returning Officer Vincent Manukayasi made the declaration at the PILAG counting centre at 5: 30pm yesterday, 12 August after nearly three weeks of delay, due to heavy scrutiny from rival candidates contesting the seat.

Mr Samuel won by 23, 452 votes surpassing the absolute majority of 21, 149 votes.

Coming in second place was Joe Tonde with 18, 863 votes.

Mr Samuel who is an indigenous from the big Motaun village of Hanuabada, clearly collected majority of his votes from all Motu Koitabu villages in the Moresby North-West electorate.

Lupari eliminated

Acting Returning officer Dickson Toru said Independent candidate Issac Lupari was eliminated from the race. Only the top three remain.

After exclusion 23, the top three candidates are Lohia Boe Samuel, Joe Tonde and Dr. Thaddeus Kambanei.

After the distribution of Lupari’s ballot papers, Boe Samuel received 923 votes. His total was at 20, 080 votes.

Tonde collected 750 votes bringing his total to 14, 481 votes, and PNC candidate Dr. Thaddeus Kambanei received 1,288 votes, bringing his tally to 10,491 votes.

Juffa Retains Seat

The People’s Movement for Change Party Leader won by 24,283 votes and coming second was Jean Parkop with 19,654 votes. The winner took his stand after the 44th exclusion of Allen Mesa (PNC). 

Oro Province Election Manager, Daisy Hombogani, yesterday declared the winner and signed the writ. 
Mr Juffa thanked his people for mandating him for the third time. 

“During these elections we saw people respect one another, people worked together. Yes, we had hiccups, there were some accusations made but in general, the people of Oro have changed significantly.

Sir Puka Temu Re-elected

Our Development Party member, Sir Puka won by a margin finishing off with 10,970 votes ahead of PANGU Pati candidate, Evele Kala.

Kala ran second with 6,859 votes, the decider was given after the 24th exclusion of Kilroy Koirobete Genia (ULP).

The absolute majority was 8,915 and exhausted ballot papers were 9,957 votes. 

First Female Wins 2022 Seat

She won the Provincial seat by an absolute majority of 62, 640 votes, making history as the first female Governor for Central Province. 
Incumbent Governor, Robert Agarobe polled 58, 917 votes, 3, 444 votes short from Mrs Peter. 
The People National Congress Party female candidate has maintained the top 3 since counting began. 
In her declaration speech, she aims to restore the province back to its glory days of independence, where the province was prominent in nation building. 

85 Seats Declared

Of the 85, New Guinea Islands completed all its 18 seats, while Southern region has six more seats to be declared from the 27 seats, Momase region has 21 from the total of 30 seats and the Highlands region has declared 25 seats from the total of 43 seats.

The Writs will be returned today at 4:06 pm to the Governor General.

Of the 85 seats, Pangu Pati is leading with 33 MPs.

Caretaker Prime Minister, James Marape in an earlier press conference is confident that PANGU Pati will be invited by Governor General to form the 11th Government next Tuesday.

Sir Ano Pala Declared For Rigo Open

Down to their final exclusion, Biari Cibby Ubuna (IND) was eliminated leaving Sir Ano Pala and National Alliance member, Turai Elemi.

Sir Ano Pala won the race by a tally of 9,173 votes whilst Elemi came second with 8,737 votes.

Lekwa Gure, the out-going member for Rigo Open contested for this year’s round but was eliminated on the 38th exclusion. Gure was present last night at the declaration to officiate a formal hand-over and take-over.

Sir Ano Pala acknowledged his presence as they sat side-by-side.

Wenge is Morobe’s Governor-elect

He exceeded the absolute majority of 112,581 with 130,363 votes.

Following behind was United Labour Party’s Kemas Tomala, with 94,798 votes.

Speaking after his declaration, Wenge expressed his intention to occupy the Prime Minister seat.

He then thanked electoral and counting officials, scrutineers and rival candidates for their efforts in ensuring a successful conclusion to the 2022 National General Elections.

Former governor, Ginson Saonu, was eliminated in the 34th exclusion.

Wenge was Morobe’s governor from 1997-2007.

Eoe, Opa Declared For Gulf Seats

This morning, Thomas Opa was declared the new member-elect for Kerema Open. 
Both Eoe and Opa past the absolute majority in their respective seats to come home. 

Eoe retained his seat after going past the absolute majority of 8,980, he finished with 9,980 votes ahead of rival Lester Sauka who closed in with 7,773 votes.

Opa remained leader since Day 1 of counting and finished off comfortably, when he reached the absolute majority on Exclusion 7, with 16,212 to be declared Kerema’s new member elect. 

Their win adds numbers to PANGU Pati.

Casmiro Aia Is Goilala MP

Aia finished on top with 9,297 votes and coming second was Alex Hoem Robert with 5,234 votes.

Returning Officer for Goilala Open, Theodore Maia, said the district was the last to begin counting but second in the province to proceed in declaration.

He said that the new member must remember his people and pick up from the shortfalls faced from previous years.

Aia took the stage and signed the writs after RO Maia had acknowledged the previous sitting member, late William Samb and dedicating the declaration to him.