Nick Kuman

Schools commended for support during nationwide strike

Minister for Education Nick Kuman thanked all the stakeholders in the mainstream education and school boards in the country for their support in allowing their schools to remain open during that time.

Kuman said they were aware that only two schools in Lae and schools in NCD closed their doors in fear of the widespread social media campaign of disruption to government services.

Kuman appeals to university students to return to class

Gumine MP and Minister for Education Nick Kuman is calling on students to stop the boycott as they’ve lost three weeks of classes and the first semester will end next month.

He said students can resort to boycott when there are issues affecting their welfare or the quality of education provided at their tertiary institutions, but not political issues.

“It’s important that you don’t play other people’s agenda in trying to pursue something that you know there’s no end to it.

Kuman assures people of Gumine on service delivery

The Supreme Court review case against Kuman by former MP Lucas Dekena is officially over after the decision was made by Justice Higgins on Monday, May 16.

Justice Higgins dismissed a slip rule application filed by Dekena for the review of the National Court decision of the recount of ballot boxes resulting in the win of Kuman.

The ruling in favour of Kuman is the culmination of the legal battle Kuman took against Dekena, who was declared winner of Gumine electorate after the 2012 national elections.

NCDC now in charge of city schools operations

This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today between the Minister for Education and the NCD Governor in Port Moresby.

The signing officially begins the work of transferring the powers and functions under the NCD Education Service Division in the Department of Education to the NCDC.

DoE will only be responsible for determining national policies and standards while NCDC will now take responsibility of all registered elementary, primary, secondary and vocational schools in the city.

Education Minister: We have ways to detect exam cheaters

He says he shares the concerns of his department, the parents, higher learning institutions, and the general public.

He said in a statement: “The perpetrators of such an insidious act are threatening the intellectual abilities and potentials of students who compete industriously in classes and schools to develop their mind comprehensively.

“Also, the cheaters are not doing justice to themselves, their competitors, their parents and the higher learning institutions that have limited intake placing.