Madang teachers still await postings list

In a phone interview with Madang’s Director for Education Moses Sariki, besides the delay in teachers’ postings, they also have outstanding issues on teachers leave fares and grade nine selections. Mr Sariki said lack of funding from the provincial government has hindered them from completing these processes.

More teachers to be recruited

Provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, said with a ceiling of 3,000, the province will start off by recruiting 500 teachers next year.

The education division aims to recruit graduates from other universities. However, Tangui said they will need to undergo further studies at the University of Goroka.

“We cannot get them direct from university and put them in the classroom, em mi tok nogat,” he stated.

Education Officials To Be Scrutinised

The development of human resource is important as it contributes to nation-building.

That is why Morobe’s provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, emphasised that individuals involved in the teaching and learning sector will be closely scrutinised.

“This year, we’re going to make sure that they must do their jobs,” said Tangui.

“They must not run around Lae and do other jobs and the students will suffer back in the school.

Teachers Rush For Leave Fare

Over 1,000 teachers in Morobe Province have been joining the queue at Tutumang Haus since Tuesday, hoping to get their leave fares quickly so they can spend Christmas at home.

By 5am today, a line had already formed outside the small education office, with teachers coming from as far as the Huon Gulf district, Tewai-Siassi, Markham and Menyamya.

Tempers flared as they pushed and shoved to get in front of the small door where the provincial administration officers were seated.

COVID-19 claims 2 teachers

From a primary school in Lae (name withheld), one teacher passed away last Monday while another yesterday (Oct 18th).

“We closed the school yesterday and everyone was ordered by the head teacher, and all the teachers were taken down to the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium for COVID testing,” said Tangui.

Contact tracing and testing are currently underway, with Tangui saying a decision will be made pending test results.

At Menyamya Primary School, five teachers tested positive.

“No deaths have occurred,” he stated.

Teachers’ auto-suspension on April 23

Secretary Kombra said data entry of teachers’ Resumption of Duty Summary Sheets (RoDSS) was supposed to happen last week but with the shutdown of services, the data entry of remaining RoDSS on hand is now affected, thus has been deferred to pay#8, paydate 23rd April.

“Auto-suspension or automated suspension happens when the system (ALESCO payroll) suspends teachers when their resumption of duty form is not registered in the system. This is a normal process that falls around this time of the year.

Women teachers focused

They are among thousands of teachers driving and participating in a program to improve education outcomes for girls and boys.

International Women’s Day (March 8th) is an opportune time to celebrate the achievements of women teachers who are advocating for change and greater equality for their students.

Since 2018, the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership has supported the Rapidly Improving Standards in Elementary Education project (RISE), which has trained more than 2,500 teachers and is benefiting over 100,000 girls and boys across the country.

Teachers resume

For Morobe, its provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, says teachers should be filling in their resumption of duty summary (RODS) forms starting on January 25th to the 29th.

Tangui stressed that teachers should be in school, considering appointments were made and endorsed by the Provincial Education Board last year. The postings were then published on November 2020 and put up at the Tutumang noticeboard as well as distributed to outside districts.

Teachers frustrated with leave entitlement process

Prior to that, they have been traveling back and forth since last week to check on the status of their entitlements.

Teachers from as far as the remote districts of Menyamya, Finschhafen and Nawaeb have been constantly checking up on their leave entitlements. And with just a few days before Christmas, they have been forced to brave the heat to collect their fares.

The deputy head teacher of Huonville Primary School in Lae, Salome Sangi, is hoping to be in East Sepik by Christmas but her hope has dwindled as the day progresses.


No pay cuts this fortnight: Education Secretary

Dr Kombra said the implementation of the 2019 Consumer Price Index (CPI) for teachers ceased on pay number 14.

“The 2019 back pay, which consisted of two fortnights’ back pay was spread over 12 fortnights starting on pay number 2 this year,” he said in a statement.

In April this year, a media statement was released by Education Minister, Joseph Yopyyopy, to clarify a lot of queries that were raised around teachers’ salary suspension and salary cuts.