UOG prioritizes on training quality teachers

He said this was important so that quality teaching can be restored in schools. Dr Waninga was speaking during the Strategic Direction for Reformation of UOG meeting held in Port Moresby recently.

The University has decided to reform its programs to revert back to its original purpose of training teachers with the aim of producing quality students.

Teachers in Porgera resume duties

Restoring Justice Initiative (RJI) thank the Porgera District Administration and the Enga Provincial Government as education services have been restored in Porgera District.

RJI noting that the Porgera Law and Order Crisis Management Committee had been working tirelessly to restore services while successfully mediating a cease-fire deal between warring clans recently, with restoration of services is an ongoing joint effort.

ENB launch 2023 academic year

This year is the 12th year for the province to celebrate the opening of the academic year.

The occasion themed, "Focuses on quality and inclusive education" was hosted by the Gazelle District at George Brown Secondary School.

Acting Provincial Administrator, Levi Mano reminded teachers to uphold integrity and be serious about providing quality education to children.

Mr Mano who is also the acting chairman for the Provincial Education Board told teachers that they are the fundamental part of a child's upbringing.

Teachers urged to be committed

Eastern Highlands Province Education Advisor, Albert Wesley urged teachers to shape up and be committed in teaching in this academic year. 

Wesley encouraged teachers to be vigilant and serious about their profession to produce a positive outcome. 

“We expect teachers to be committed in their profession. We don’t want to see teachers go to college and are on pay but are doing nothing so education division is trying its very best to make sure that teachers must be competitive and committed,” he stated. 

Delayed teachers’ forms

This year, teachers under the national education system are scheduled to resume on Monday, the 23rd of January. However, the Morobe Provincial Education Division is still waiting to receive the resumption forms.

Morobe’s education program advisor, Keith Tangui, said funding constraints are part of the delay.

“Air Niugini is not accepting free delivery. They want upfront payment,” stated Tangui.

Teachers leave fares delayed

He claimed that the delay in paying leave fares was due to the provincial education sector's late submission of claims for approval on time.

Pariwa was responding to concerns raised by teachers in the province who had not received their leave fares with the holidays almost over. 

He said the Education sector just provided claims last week to the provincial administration and is now with the finance division for processing. 

Teachers in Morobe collect leave fares

This year, the arrangement for teachers to receive their leave entitlements was different; fives names from each region were now being called out.

This meant that teachers no longer have to push and shove to get to the front of the queue.

Provincial Program Advisor for education, Keith Tangui, said this year, the name list containing at least 2,000 applications was closely scrutinised, including teachers’ file numbers, place of origin, marital status and number of dependents.

Teachers, Students Urged To Return

Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra says instructions were issued to all schools to resume normal classes on July 25 and August 1 for other schools due to election-related violence and disturbances.

Provincial Education Advisors were also advised to assess the situation in their provinces and decide on an appropriate decision.

However, news reports of schools still closed and low turnout by students and teachers in the last two weeks has caught the attention of the Department.

Teachers absent after polling

“This has created a gap in the resumption of term 3. Those teachers who are involved in the counting are missing from the classrooms. Because of the enrollment in many schools it is higher than previous years the administration of schools, example in Waigani Primary School, we had about 3 teachers in counting within NCD and another three probably in their provinces. We found it very difficult to take up the normal lessons in the classrooms because of the numbers,” he added. 

Lae Teachers Threatened

Staff at Lae’s Flexible Open and Distance Education office are being threatened by frustrated former students and their parents.

Students who graduated from the Lae Community College since 2018 are yet to receive their Grade 10 and 12 certificates.

Head teacher, Cephas Malum, said despite their numerous emails, calls and visits to the Flexible Open and Distance Education headquarters at Waigani, the certificates of students from 2018 to 2021 are yet to be sent to Lae.