Counselling needed in schools

Teachers need to be trained to identify students who are having issues, and help address it before it leads to behavioural issues, such as school fights. 

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG’s non-formal school coordinator, Duaro Embi, believes there are no good or bad people; just people who are caught in situations and try to make the most of it.

The same principle applies to students.

Invest in teachers, mentor appeals

Morobe Province’s only female Early Childhood Education (ECE) mentor, Esther Anonga, appealed to the government to invest in the upskilling and inservice of teachers.

“Teachers must know the curriculum before they teach,” she stated.

“Without curriculum, I don’t think people will know the right thing to do and they must understand how to utilise it, the skills and strategies, the concepts and ideas especially.

“Teachers must be trained. Our government of the day should provide support so teachers will be well-trained so that they may know the curriculum well.

Balimo College Empowers Future Teachers

The event showcased the transformative changes happening within the institution and highlighted its significant impact on the dreams and aspirations of individuals from all walks of life.

Kusala Sawa, a parent attending the open day, expressed her excitement, stating, "Balimo College has resurrected a lot of dreams for the old and young alike. I see a changed attitude toward life in the young people attending." Sawa's words echoed the sentiments of a community experiencing the profound transformation brought about by the college.

In-service vital for development

In Madang, Tusbab Secondary School has taken the initiative to conduct in-service for its staff, but at the same time inviting other high schools to participate as well.

During the closing ceremony, In-Service trainer Mr Kavagu, the Deputy Principal Administration, highly stressed on the uniformity of delivery within the education system, for quality results to be achieved, in this case, the roll out of SBC in term 3 for all grades 9.

Improve teaching based on curriculum

Speaking at the closing at Malaguna Secondary School was Rabaul District School Inspector, Cecilia Tapil who stressed on the importance of lesson timetables.

“We have to consider that children have a limited attention span and we have to have a variety of activities to keep the children interested,” Tapil said.

She added that equal focus should be given to students in preparatory stages in setting their foundation right.

NIP plans inservice training week

The program will cover all elementary, primary, secondary, Flexible Open & Distance Education centres, inclusive education and vocational education and training institutions.

Social services chief executive officer, Benson Apelis, said: “The reintroduction of the provincial inservice training week is a way forward to strengthening the capacity of teachers in New Ireland Province.

Retired teachers asked to be patient

Provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, made the appeal after some retirees sought support from the media regarding their repatriation and transfer of personal properties back to their home provinces.

“The division of education is working with the provincial administration and the provincial government to address the issue,” said Tangui.

“We are asking all our teachers to calm down, to wait, as professional teachers in the field. As soon as we get a good reply from the administration and provincial government, we’ll inform everybody.

Bilum books valuable for teachers

Through the workshop, teachers are given the opportunity to refresh their teaching approach to English reading, comprehension, and phonics.

Rachel Damien, who has taught for 14 years, said she was first introduced to Bilum Books six years ago and has found them to be positive teaching and learning resources.

“Bilum Books have helped our students to build their reading skills early, starting from Preparatory, Grade 1 and Grade 2. Our students are then ready for Grade 3,” she said.

UOG prioritizes on training quality teachers

He said this was important so that quality teaching can be restored in schools. Dr Waninga was speaking during the Strategic Direction for Reformation of UOG meeting held in Port Moresby recently.

The University has decided to reform its programs to revert back to its original purpose of training teachers with the aim of producing quality students.

Teachers in Porgera resume duties

Restoring Justice Initiative (RJI) thank the Porgera District Administration and the Enga Provincial Government as education services have been restored in Porgera District.

RJI noting that the Porgera Law and Order Crisis Management Committee had been working tirelessly to restore services while successfully mediating a cease-fire deal between warring clans recently, with restoration of services is an ongoing joint effort.