Madang Province

Madang LLG election preparations progress

Madang this year has created three new LLGs adding onto the existing 16 LLGs to now 19. Wanuma is part of Middle Ramu District, North Karkar and South Karkar in the Sumkar District. These three LLGs are also captured and will participate to elect their first council members in the upcoming elections.

Public Servants to participate in Census

The circular advises all heads of agencies approves today as a no work day for all public servants so that they can fully participate in the 2024 PNG National Population Census.

Sea pirate surrenders

During bad weather and when there’s no police patrolling the coasts, perpetrators seize the opportunity to strike. One does not have to look far to know where these pirates come from - the scattered islands just out of Madang town.

Small boat operators urged to heed weather warnings

On Tuesday, 12th March 2024, a tragic incident resulted in the disappearance of nine individuals, including seven passengers along with the skipper and crew onboard a boat that capsized in the rough seas. The missing persons are believed to be drifting somewhere along the coastlines or islands of Morobe, Manus, West New Britain, East Sepik and Sandaun provinces.

Remote wards present development plans

The development plans for wards 10, 19 and 24 were presented to Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa on Saturday.

The theme of their plans ‘Going Rural, Go Long Ples’ is a development strategy that captures the community’s aspirations for the next five years. Sumgilbar and Karkar LLG [residents were there to witness the three-ward members present and sign their rolling development plans to the Governor.

Ramu NiCo console Usino Bundi people

“The news of the sudden death is a sad tragedy,” said Ramu Nico Chairman, Wang Zhou.

The Chairman said it shocked, like it did people around the country, the company’s employees at Kurumbukari mine in the Usino Bundi District and the refinery at Basamuk.

Mr. Zhou stated that the late Jimmy Uguro committed to his district, the ministry and was always vocal about Kurumbukari landowners putting their mining royalty to good use.

Increasing bilum popularity abroad

Dr. Bowman said that over the years the bilum industry has remarkably transformed. Bilums have been seen on magazine covers, on the runway and even on the red carpet in Hollywood.

She encouraged the women to use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to market their products and as reference for new fashion and colors, to suit every season.

Kimadi CBO signs Conservation Deed

It was a historic moment for the Kimadi Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Dibor village when they launched their Natural Resource Management Area and Land Usage Plan on Wednesday, 7th of February.

This also coincided with the signing of their Conservation Deed.

Dibor is known for warding off prospectors of logging and sand mining in their area as the beaches there are nesting grounds for the endangered Leatherback turtles.

Balsa introduced to women in Madang

Cultivation has been promoted as a sustainable agroforestry option, particularly in the coastal lowlands.

The government and various organizations have supported initiatives to establish balsa plantations as a means of economic development and forest conservation.

Over the weekend, women in Madang Province have been invited to participate in a Balsa workshop hosted by Chakriya Bowman, a private consultant and Omega SME Consultants on their Madang Balsa Project initiative.

MoU signed to progress ‘Gandep Project’

The MOU was signed between the Middle Ramu District Development Authority (MRDDA), Melanesian Evangelical Church of Christ in PNG Inc., Transform the Nations Ltd and Madang Provincial Government yesterday at the Madang Lodge.

The Gandep Project is captured in MRDDA’s five-year development plan 2023-2027 and is a strategic partnership with the international churches to implement not only the project but work together to roll out the 5-year development  plan in compliance with the laws of PNG.