Madang Province

Quality Check progresses for Madang regional

This newsroom was informed that quality check for the ballot papers from Bogia, Usino Bundi and Sumkar have been completed. Counting officials are now doing quality check for ballot papers from Madang District. Following this will be quality check of ballots from Middle Ramu and Rai Coast. Elimination will start thereafter.

People First Party (PFP) candidate Ramsy Pariwa is still leading the race, followed by PANGU Pati candidate Jerry Singirok. Incumbent governor and leader of People’s Labour Party, Peter Yama, is running third.

Two more seats for Madang yet to be declared

The following member-elects for Madang have been declared;

Robert Naguri (PANGU)                               Bogia Open

Jimmy Uguro (PANGU)                                 Usino Bundi Open

Alexander Suguman Orame (URP)             Sumkar Open

Bryan Kramer (AP)                                        Madang Open

Kansol Harwii Kamandaru (Ind.)                 Middle Ramu Open.


Kamandaru was declared today as member-elect for Middle Ramu District.

Bogia, Usino Bundi Nears Declaration

The elimination of candidates had started and currently there are 15 candidates remaining in the race. 
The sitting member for Bogia, Robert Naguri is leading the race with more than 2000 votes difference. Running second is United Resource Party candidate, David Wama. 
According to information gathered from the Electoral Commission website the absolute majority of Bogia open stands at 21, 229. 

Uguro Refutes Claims Of Meeting With Election Officials

The claims were made by incumbent Madang Governor Peter Yama and published in the media on Monday, August 1st, 2022.

Uguro said he had been at the named location to meet with family, while member-elect for Yangoru Saussia Richard Maru, who was also named in the article, denied meeting with Uguro and the other named parties. He said he was there with family for dinner.

Usino-Bundi concludes primary count

Quality check is set to follow.

The top five candidates after count 45:

  1. Jimmy Uguro (PANGU) – 14,026
  2. Vincent Kumura (PP) – 7,063
  3. Philip Ororoku (Ind) – 3,243
  4. Nick Kamuti – 3,197
  5. Allan Aipo – 2,742

Total formal ballot papers: 49,336

Total informal ballot papers: 1,173

Total ballot papers: 50,509

(Source: Team Kumura for 2022)

Madang still counting

This newsroom was informed that Bogia has completed all primary counts and have conducting eliminations since last week. Other districts are still doing primary counts.
Most of the counting for the seven seats are being conducted in Madang town, except for Usino Bundi and Bogia.
According to security personnel, counting in Bogia and Walium station are running smoothly with declarations expected this week.

Students sent home for safety

The school's Deputy Principal Administration Michael Camillus Kavagu, said the schools administration is concerned with the safety of the student while commuting to and from school as counting is underway in the provincial capital, Madang. 

Mr Kavagu said counting for Madang Open is in progress at the school’s Marape Hall.

He said teachers are prepared to teach but are concerned about unconfirmed threats being circulating on social media.

He said Grade 12 students were allowed to come to class because of the Written Expression exam on August 15, 2022.

Security Forces On Alert

Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said he is aware of a text message regarding a security threat. The PPC said he wants the people of Madang not to name or blame anyone, because the message is false.
He said police are also investigating the matter to establish who posted the message to bring fear among the people and disrupt normal business. 

Candidate's son charged

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said the arms were discovered after police and soldiers acted on a tip-off. They had had stopped the eight in a vehicle at Walium Station, Usino Bundi District, and found two Winchester shotguns and some live ammunition.

Cops suspended for various offences

Madang provincial police commander acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said one officer was arrested and charged for accepting bribery, another was suspended for driving a candidate’s vehicle, and the rest were suspended for drinking while on duty.

PPC Rubiang said out of the seven, two are from Sumkar district while the rest are from Madang town. The officers will be dealt with after the election.

PPC Rubiang said police officers  had been briefed by their respective commanders on what to do and what not to do during elections.