Madang Province

Ramu LOs will get royalties, assures Chan

Chan made the assurance in Parliament on Friday when asked by Usino-Bundi MP, Anton Yagama.

Yagama said since the project began, tons in mineral exports have left their shores at Basamuk, however, to this date there has been no royalty.

He also queried when the outstanding K10 million would be paid to the landowners.

Chan said the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) and project developers, Metallurgical Company of China (MCC), had recently agreed to pay landowners royalties.

Special Christmas gift for Puksak CBO in Usino LLG

The gift is aimed to support their livelihood.

The Christmas gift came in form of a box of cocoa seeds from World Vision in Madang. These hybrid cocoa seeds are tolerant to the destructive insect pest called cocoa pod borer, which had devastated most of the cocoa trees in their area thus affecting their income earning opportunities.

Local successfully alters plants’ genetic makeup

His beautiful garden fascinates travelers along that section of the road at Karkum village, in Sumgilbar LLG of Sumkar district in Madang.

Robert Batalo is amazingly full of smiles and a strong-willed person.

Although Batalo has never been to any agriculture school, he has successfully altered crops through his own style of breeding practices.

He has changed the genetic make-up of plants to develop crops with more beneficial characteristics. All these were done in the name of self-sufficiency, which only a handful of people in rural pockets of PNG master.

Madang former statesman passes away

Sir Angmai’s death this morning (Thursday, November 10) follows the death of former parliamentarians, Tom Pais and Stanley Pil, earlier this week.

Late Pais was former Madang regional member, while late Pil was Madang Open MP.

Many Madang town residents are in shock as sirens went blaring past the main Modilon road towards the Modilon Hospital.

Sir Angmai, who hails from Riwo village, was a member of the then House of Assembly and served with distinction during his term as an elected leader representing the Madang people.

School thanks mining company for airlifting exam papers

The school successfully completed the Grade 8 national examinations this week.

ERA Resources airlifted the exam papers to Yandera, a remote village at the foothills of Mt. Wilhelm in Bundi.

Headmaster of Yandera Primary, Raymond Sagolo said the school is a zone four disadvantaged school and thanked the mining company for the assistance.

Sagolo said getting to Madang town for any administration matters including picking up exam papers is very risky and has always been a very difficult challenge over the years.

Alleged ground crew confusion leads to flight delay, frustrations

Flight CG8572, en route to Wewak and Vanimo, was grounded at the Madang airport for two hours.

The flight's captain explained to passengers that, by law, they will not take off unless all passengers are accounted for and confirmed on the manifest.

The confusion started in Lae, Morobe Province, when the airline company's ground crew allegedly issued seat numbers that were already occupied by passengers from Port Moresby, bound for Madang, Wewak and Vanimo.

The Madang ground crew reportedly made the same mistake.

Madang bamboo band still alive and active

Sibut, who is known in Madang for his composition of Madangs popular number O Fatu has been at the forefront or organis

‘Operation Painim Graun na Planim Diwai’ to start in Madang

This was announced during the Madang Investment Summit recently by the acting managing director of the PNG Forest Authority, Goodwill Amos.

Amos says the tree planning operation is consistent with the National Government’s Vision 2050 and the 2009 National Forest Development Guidelines, to plant up to 800,000 hectares of trees by the year 2050.

The tree planting operation was highlighted as one of the plans by PNGFA for Madang Province.

YWAM ship delivers 48,000 healthcare services in Madang

YWAM’s Medical Ship, MV Pacific Link, has just completed a successful deployment to Madang Province. 

Its director, Brett Curtis, said the ship’s first voyage to Madang Province was very special. 

“Thousands of lives have been impacted over the last 8 months, including a woman named Luweng from Karkar Island, who had a pterygium (tissue growth) on her eye.

“Luweng’s sight dramatically improved after an eye surgery in our onboard operating theatre,” he said in a statement.

DWU will announce winners of media award

“The DWU Media Excellence Award is an accolade to the social, cultural and economical contributions of Papua New Guinean journalists,” the university said in a statement. 

“This Award encompasses upholding of media ethics, advocacy for positive development through human rights, education, social awareness, democracy, peace and unity, and reporting without fear and favour.