Madang Province

K6mil lost through cane fires

Apart from pests and diseases that destroy their sugarcanes, Ramu Agri Industries’ biggest setback is cane fires.

The company has 7,500 hectares of sugarcane in the Markham Valley that consists of almost 80 percent estate and 20 percent outgrowers.

They currently have 275,000 metric tonnes of sugarcane that is estimated to produce 25,000 tonnes of sugar in 2023, with the acting general manager, Eric Wise, saying they hope to get that output instead of losing it through cane fires.

Anan coffee eyes downstream processing

‘Kalibobo Delight’ has been shipped to the South Korean market with another prospect in place to export to Dubai as well.

Anan Coffee Cooperative Society is from the Kovon Local Level Government in the Middle Ramu District of Madang Province. It was established in 2014 with capital gained from 86 registered members. To date the group has grown its membership to 1754. It consists of four ‘mama’ groups and 127 SME groups.

Makata driving Conservation efforts

The main reason for its establishment was to sustain the Sea Turtle Restoration and Protection Project (STRP) which was established in 2006 in Madang by Wenceslaus Magun.

Mr. Magun, the current project coordinator for MAKATA was then contracted by Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN), a 501c3 non-profit organization in US as their Western Pacific Campaigner.

MAKATA aims to prevent the loss of endangered sea turtles is sustained.

Madang yet to enforce Smallcraft Policy

According to Willie Kolip, Madang’s Small Craft Officer with the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA), they are still waiting for the Provincial Government to pass the Small Crafts Bill so that a board can be elected; after that, the appointment of a Registrar to implement or enforce the process.

Malaria awareness conducted

The free mass testing and treatment was conducted to commemorate World Malaria Day, which falls on April 25th every year, with more than 150 people being tested and 11 people being treated for malaria.

The 2023 World Malaria theme is; ‘Time to Deliver Zero Malaria: Invest, Innovate and Implement’.

Public awareness on malaria, including children’s immunisation, TB and other diseases was conducted at the market, including distribution of brochures and posters to the public.

Apple farmers plead for airstrip

The apple farmers of Gumbarami need their airstrip, which they built themselves, to be assessed and opened.

Currently, the Nahu-Rawa LLG has an estimated 10,000 apple trees.

The trees came from six apple seeds that farmer Bondo Gawa picked from discarded apple cores at Ramu in 1983.

He took the seeds to Gumbarami and planted them in three empty rice packets.

Once he saw leaves emerging, he replanted them in the soil. He did all these with no formal training.

Belna NatNat Centre opens in Madang

These state-of-the-art facilities include an insectary, laboratories and semi-field tunnel cage.

The facilities will be used to test the efficacy of vector control tools, such as bed nets or indoor residual spraying, that are essential in the fight to control and eliminate malaria. The facilities are the first of their kind in the Pacific and will allow the team to further study novel vector control tools.

On Tuesday 28th March, the Belna Natnat Centre was officially opened.

Continuous rainfall causes landslides

Director of Kumura Foundation, Vincent Kumura, said the foundation, under its community service focus, has partnered with two local SME owners to mobilise 49 youths to clear up the road.

“It took the boys almost two weeks to clear up just a pathway for the vehicle to pass through using chainsaws, digging sticks, crowbars, bush knives and spades,” said Kumura.

“The foundation is very thankful to Nelson Gandai of Yandera and David Mongoma of Simbu for mobilising their boys to work, including the 16 youths of Pomie Village of Upper Bundi.

Remote school in dire need

The school lacks facilities from infrastructure to teaching and learning materials. There are 160 eager students ready to learn with the help of six dedicated teachers.

Annaberg High School came out from the age-old Annaberg Primary School, a Catholic Agency school that educated hundreds of students from this remote area in Madang since independence.

However, due to travel distance over difficult and treacherous terrain, student intake has been irregular.   Infrastructure is limited to bush material buildings including teachers’ houses.

Family in accident

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent David Seine Jr the deceased identified as Francis Palakandi in his late 50s was driving a Toyota 10- seater with eight others to drop off two students at Divine Word University when they encountered the accident. 

Police said the family left Wabag and were driving to Madang during the night and when they reached Alemo it was around 8am.